Mobile Standards

  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Thursday, May 16, 2013 TIME: 15:00-16:00 LOCATION: AMMERSEE 1

OASIS Panel: Leveraging Standards to Combat Threats in Mobile Environments

Industry experts will come to the table to discuss the significant security, privacy and operations issues within mobile environments, approaches to addressing these issues, and the ways in which standards efforts can contribute to the solutions. Each speaker, an expert in a critical aspect of mobile, will weigh-in with opinions on topics including: 

  • threats and other security operational issues for mobile;
  • privacy concerns and solutions, and their implications specific to the mobile world;
  • cryptographic, key-management issues and solutions, and their implications specific to the mobile world;  
  • enterprise and personal security concerns and solutions (including things like BYOD, green/red zones on mobile device, virtual desktop for mobile, etc).

 This panel will spark an interactive dialogue with the audience.  Questions that will be addressed during the session include:  1) Is there really a reason for mobile users to care about privacy and security? 2) Shouldn’t enterprises just prevent user-owned devices from connecting into their network?  3) Aren’t the security problems in mobile devices really the fault of the manufacturers / OS designers?  4) Crypto is pretty much missing on mobile devices; why should anyone want it? 5) How can security and privacy be provided while preserving the user experience that’s at the heart of mobile? 6) Isn’t identity for mobile really something for the cloud to provide (e.g., Facebook login), not an issue for the mobile device?  This session promises to be lively, so you don’t want to miss it.


Anthony Nadalin is a partner architect in the Government Engagement Team leading the Standards and Public Policy practice. Anthony had spent the last 27 years with IBM where he was the Chief Security Architect responsible for the security strategy for software group products. Anthony...

John Sabo is an independent consultant on data privacy and cyber security, with a multi-faceted career in government, the IT industry and standards development. In his standards work, John co-chairs the OASIS “Privacy Management Reference Model (PMRM)” Technical Committee. He is...



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