The Challenge of Third-Party Digital Identity Credentials: How a Trusted Identity Data Registry May Help

  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Thursday, May 16, 2013 TIME: 11:30-12:30 LOCATION: ALPSEE

Common law governments worldwide have begun to make bold commitments to adopt federated models for identity registration and credential authentication for central government services. This approach requires close collaboration and dialogue with industry to create the needed schemes or trust frameworks that will organize the business, legal, and technical standards, policies and best practices needed to proceed.

As these countries define, design, and deploy their identity federations it’s important that this development does not become siloed by jurisdiction. Rather, for the successful operation of any market there needs to be trusted information sharing. Listings—like the yellow pages—leverage data. Directories—like the DNS—speed introductions. Exchanges—like the NASDAQ—grow markets. Even wedding registries are an example of this, as registries simplify transactions.

Today, there are no such forums for sharing trusted identity data. OIX is building one. Under the direction of the OIX Board of Directors, OIX is building OIXnet, an authoritative registry for online identity trust and a neutral exchange for sharing trusted identity data to enable global interoperability among identity federations in the commercial, non-profit, and public sectors.

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John Bradley is an Identity Management subject matter expert and IT professional with a diverse background. Mr. Bradley has over 15 years experience in the information technology and identity management field. Mr. Bradley advises Government Agencies and commercial organizations on the policy and...

Anthony Nadalin is a partner architect in the Government Engagement Team leading the Standards and Public Policy practice. Anthony had spent the last 27 years with IBM where he was the Chief Security Architect responsible for the security strategy for software group products. Anthony...

Don is President and Chairman of the Open Identity Exchange (OIX) a non-profit organization of leaders from competing sectors, including enterprise, data services, telecommunications, consulting services, SaaS, banking, retail and government. OIX is helping to build solutions to roadblocks for...


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