Compliance Driven Identity & Access Governance

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Tuesday, May 14, 2013 TIME: 15:20-15:40
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Identity & Access Governance are key topics for any organization. However, organizations in regulated industries like Finance, Utilities, or Telcos feel the strongest urge to act on these topics. Auditors are looking at the Access Management & Governance of these companies. They analyze whether SoDs for traders and other high-risk business employees are well-defined. They want to see a stringent and consistent management of access rights for these high risk users. They ask for automation, because automation reduces risks caused by manual activities. They are overall putting a strong focus on IT Compliance. This is not achieved by technology only, but looking at guidelines and processes alone also doesn’t help. It is about the right mix. And in most cases, it is about implementing solutions quickly to meet the tight deadlines given by the auditors. Karl Markgraf will give you insights into the approach one of these organizations in a heavily regulated industry – energy trading – took to not only fulfill the requests of auditors but to overall improve IT/Business alignment and the Access Management & Governance processes.

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Karl Markgraf is member of the Management Board of E.ON IT (since 2012), responsible for IT Demand Management at E.ON. Simultaneously, he is CIO of E.ON Energy Trading (since 2010), responsible for the IT department focusing on IT transformation and standardization in an international trading...

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Karl Markgraf - Compliance Driven Identity & Access Governance


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