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Leadership Compass

Leadership Compass: Privilege Management - 71100

Wie können der Zugriff auf kritische Systeme und Geschäftsinformationen gesteuert und gleichzeitig sichere und optimierte Geschäftsvorgänge ermöglicht werden? Dieser Report bietet Ihnen einen Leitfaden, der Sie dabei unterstützt, ein für Ihre…


Identitätsmanagement im Mittelpunkt der digitalen Transformation

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Executive View

Executive View: Intermedia AppID® Enterprise - 71522

Intermedia AppID® Enterprise is a cloud based identity management platform for web applications. This provides a solution to many of the security and compliance needs of the agile connected business. As well as adding value to the cloud and hosting services provided by Intermedia it is…

Executive View

Executive View: Nexis contROLE - 71502

Nexis contROLE bietet ein effizientes und komfortables Role Lifecycle Management in Kombination mit Role Analytics, entweder als Standalone-Lösung oder als Add-on zu vorhandenen Identity and Access Management-Infrastrukturen.


Mar 08, 2016: How to Manage Your Azure AD and Office 365: Get a Grip on Your Environment Even in the Cloud

Regulatory compliance does not end at your perimeter. Moving to the Cloud will not get you rid of implementing Access Governance and a well thought-out reporting. Furthermore, moving to the Cloud might make administration more complex, not easier. Proven and established tools in your AD…


How to Ensure the Success of Your Privileged Access Management Projects

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Secured by Design: The smart streets of San Francisco

On April 18th 1906, an earthquake and fires destroyed nearly three quarters of San Francisco. Around 3000 people lost their lives. Right up to the present many other, less critical tremors followed. The danger of another catastrophe can’t be ignored. In a city like San Francisco,…


Dell Identity Manager 7.0: Why Things Have Changed

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Leadership Brief

Leadership Brief: Information Rights Management – Ready for Prime Time? - 72013

Information Rights Management (IRM) is the discipline within Information Security and IAM (Identity and Access Management) that allows protecting information right at the source - the single file. IRM is a technology used to protect and facilitate the editing, distribution and access of…

Executive View

Executive View: Nexis contROLE - 71502

Nexis contROLE provides effective and convenient role lifecycle management combined with role analytics as either a stand-alone solution or as an add-on to existing Identity and Access Management infrastructures.

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