Access and Identity

Executive View

Executive View: Oracle Privileged Account Manager - 71057

Oracle Privileged Account Management (OPAM) is a secure password management solution for generating, provisioning and controlling access to privileged account credentials, as well as administrative session management and recording. It is one of the key components of the Oracle Identity…

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: EIC 2015 Trends and Hot Topics - 71301

10 Information Security topics that were central at European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015

Executive View

Executive View: ITMC IDM365 - 71289

ITMC, a Danish vendor, delivers a comprehensive solution for Identity Provisioning and Access Governance with its IDM365 product. The product works in a task-centric way with a modern UI, backed by ITMC’s long experience in implementing IAM&IAG in an efficient way.

Executive View

Executive View: ObserveIT User Activity Monitoring - 71258

ObserveIT bietet eine umfassende Lösung für die Überwachung von Nutzeraktivitäten innerhalb des gesamten Unternehmens. Das Produkt arbeitet hauptsächlich mithilfe von Agenten, die auf einer Vielzahl von Plattformen bereitgestellt werden können. Es…


Jun 17, 2015: How to Cope with Challenging Identities in a Converged World

Over the past years the term of the Identity Explosion, depicting the exponential growth of identities organizations have to deal with, raised. We introduced the need for a new ABC: Agile Business, Connected. While agility is a key business requirement, connected organizations are a…


Bedrohungen für privilegierte Zugänge erkennen und abwenden

Mit den jüngsten Sicherheitsvorfällen rücken Systemadministratoren und privilegierte Zugangsdaten weiter in das Zentrum des Interesses. Die nicht abreißenden Schlagzeilen über Fälle von Datendiebstahl bei Unternehmen und Behörden zeigen, dass es sich nicht um Einzelfälle handelt, sondern um…


The Future of Federation

Federated authentication is the bedrock of secure Cloud access control. It enables organisations to extend their business operations beyond their network boundaries and join identity repositories from multiple sources and access multiple service providers using the same authentication environment.

Leadership Brief

Leadership Brief: Facing the Future: Identity Opportunities for Telcos - 71287

Telco operators are encountering challenges and opportunities that are shaping the future direction of communications.  Faced with the erosion of revenues from the rapid encroachment of the OTT (over-the-top) players into their traditional market strongholds, operators are realising…


Louis-Marie Fouchard - Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructures and Industry 4.0: Shaping the future of IAM

Identity and Access Management is one of the core building blocks to address IT/OT challenges. The specific situation of OT solutions and critical infrastructures, however, entails a set of functional and non-functional requirements which cannot be fulfilled by off-the-shelf IAM products…


Yariv Lenchner - Securing Privileged Identities in OT (Operational Technology) and Industrial Control Systems

In the last years we see that privileged accounts in Operational Technology (OT) environments (e.g. critical infrastructure) have an even higher importance and criticality than in the traditional IT. OT networks and the Internet of Things (IoT) implementations are taking shape and are being…


Nick Tuffs - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of IAM: An Enterprise View

Vodafone’s Workforce Identity and Access Management (WIAM) platform treads the line between Security - being a guardian of the Vodafone brand – and a Business Enabler – providing an agile, cost-effective, simple method of allowing 350,000 users to access IS and telecom…


Ravi Srinivasan - Digital Identities = Security Threats. Is your IAM Program Ready?

Digital Identities are transforming the way companies architect their IT environment. They adapt and optimize by moving to cloud, adopting mobile technologies and interacting with customers through social platforms. These open enterprises now have little control over how users are entering…


Jun 16, 2015: Mit Active Directory zu sicherer Zugriffskontrolle für das Digitale Business

„Identität ist der neue Perimeter“ und „Identity und Access Management/Governance sind das Fundament für die Sicherheit des digitalen Unternehmens“ – so könnte man die Trends der kürzlich in München zu Ende gegangenen European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015 (EIC) zusammenfassen.

Analysts' View

KuppingerCole Analysts' View on Analytics

There is now an enormous quantity of data which is being generated in a wide variety of forms. However this data, in itself, has little meaning or value; it needs interpretation to make it useful. Analytics are the tools, techniques and technologies that can be used to analyze this data…

Executive View

Executive View: GlobalSign - 71051

GlobalSign, one of the world’s biggest certificate authorities, and a leading provider of identity services, recently acquired Ubisecure, a Finnish privately held software development company specializing in Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions. Ubisecure’s leading…


May 10 - 13, 2016: European Identity & Cloud Conference 2016

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2016 is the place where identity management, cloud, and information security thought leaders and experts get together to discuss and shape the future of secure, privacy-aware agile, business- and innovation-driven IT.

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