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Apr 28, 2015: Information Security at Work: Automating End-User Password Reset for Better Efficiency and fewer Headaches

In this webinar, KuppingerCole Senior Analyst Amar Singh and Thycotic CEO Jonathan Cogley will talk about essentials for the digital transformation of your enterprise: Managing your end user identities and offering end users self-service password reset abilities to increase help desk…

Executive View

Executive View: Imprivata OneSign - 70915

Imprivata OneSign® is an integrated authentication and access management solution with a strong focus on the healthcare industry. It provides fast and secure access to workstations, virtual desktops and applications by combining strong authentication with enterprise single sign-on.

Executive View

Executive View: Wallix AdminBastion - 71266

Wallix AdminBastion (WAB) is a single access web portal for multi-bastion and/or multi-tenant organizations. It includes user and session management, password management and built-in access request and approval capabilities. It provides Single-Sign-On to connected systems, session auditing…

Leadership Brief

Leadership Brief: Alternatives to complex role projects and resource-consuming recertification - 72009

Enterprise Role Management and Access Governance are at the core of today's IAM systems to achieve efficient administration processes and compliance with regulatory requirements. Costly processes for the design and maintenance of large role-based projects and for extensive annual…

Leadership Brief

Leadership Brief: Your customer identities: How to do them right - 72006

Digital business strategies require up-to-date and reliable customer identities. They are essential to target your marketing, to adjust the design of your products and services, to increase your earnings and to create long-term relationships with your customers.

Executive View

Executive View: CA Privileged Identity Manager - 71059

CA Privileged Identity Manager is a comprehensive Privileged Identity Management solution for physical and virtual environments with a very broad range of supported target systems and impressive integration capabilities.


Apr 22, 2015: Enabling Cloud Governance

While many organisations have good governance over their on-premise identity and access management environment with authentication monitoring and attestation reporting this too often gets relegated to the “too-hard” basket when it comes time to migrating the Cloud services.


Access Management and Federation for the Agile, Connected Enterprise

Two things are for sure in IT today: The cloud is here to stay. And on-premise IT at least in medium-sized and large organizations will not disappear quickly. IT environments are increasingly becoming hybrid. This requires well thought-out solutions for connecting the on-premise and the…


Apr 21, 2015: External IAM & Your CRM - A Winning Combination

Identity and Access Management (IAM) projects have the notorious reputation of being complex, time-consuming and expensive. Fresh thinking and new approaches are now changing how IAM solutions are being deployed so that you can enable revenue generating services faster than ever. One of…

Executive View

Executive View: BeyondTrust PowerBroker Auditor Suite - 70891

BeyondTrust PowerBroker Auditor Suite is a set of auditing tools for Windows environments. Together they provide a unified real-time insight and an audit trail for file system, SQL Server, Exchange and Active Directory access and changes.

Executive View

Executive View: SecureAuth IdP - 70844

SecureAuth IdP combines cloud single sign-on capabilities with strong authentication and risk-based access control while focusing on both internal and external users that want to access to both on-premise and cloud services...

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