Access and Identity

Executive View

Executive View: WSO2 App Manager - 71296

WSO2 App Manager is an Open Source solution for unified management of enterprise applications providing identity and access management, as well as complete lifecycle governance for mobile and web apps.


Intelligente Protokollierung von Aktivitäten

Einen Einblick in die Administration von kritischen Systemen zu haben ist notwendig, um die Einhaltung von Vorschriften kontrollieren und den Schutz des Systems, als Kernstück des Unternehmens, sicherstellen zu können. Durch die Protokollierung und Analyse der Aktivitäten von privilegierten…

Vendor Report

Vendor Report: AlertEnterprise - 71048

Integrating IT security, physical access security and Operational Technology security into one convergent solution concept.


One IT, One Identity: Mastering the Security Challenge in the Age of Digital Transformation

A few years ago, KuppingerCole's Analysts came up with the term "identity explosion", meaning the exponential growth of identities organizations have to deal with caused by Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Social Computing, Big Data, the Internet of Things and more. The digital…


Dec 15, 2015: Protecting the Keys to Your Kingdom Against Cyber-Attacks and Insider Threats

Do you really know who and how many employees in your company use a privileged account? Are these accounts properly managed and secured? Answering just one of these questions with "no" or "don't know" puts the most valuable data assets of your enterprise at risk.

Executive View

Executive View: AWS Directory Service and Identity and Access Management - 71450

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a broad set of over 40 services: compute, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment. This report provides an overview of AWS Directory Service and Identity and Access Management. 


Nov 12, 2015: Controlling Access through Centralized Authorization

Access to applications have been managed effectively for the most part, through authentication and identity management. This has driven the combination of ease of use and security behind explosive growth of consumer and enterprise applications. However, with the proliferation of connected…


Universal SSO: Strategies & Standards for Single Sign-On Across Web and Native Applications

Many organizations have had some form of Web Access Management solution deployed for years. Whether this is pure-play Web Access Management, providing Web Single Sign-On capabilities and coarse-grain Access Management, or more advanced technology including Web Application Firewall…


Microsoft Azure AD B2B and B2C: Cloud IAM for managing the masses

With its recent announcement of Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Customer/consumer/client), which are in Public Preview now, Microsoft has extended the capabilities of Azure AD (Active Directory). Detailed information is available in the Active…

Executive View

Executive View: Evidian Identity & Access Manager - 70871

Evidian Identity & Access Manager is an integrated solution for Identity Provisioning and Access Governance. It provides strong capabilities in these areas and excellent integration into the Evidian products such as Enterprise Single Sign-On.

Executive View

Executive View: VMware Identity Manager - 71454

VMware Identity Manager bridges the gap between IT Service delivery and access to applications. Available as both an on-premise and a cloud solution, VMware Identity Manager delivers instant SSO to a broad variety of applications.


7 Common Symptoms of IAM & IAG Diseases

Complaining users, missed targets in connecting systems and reduced manual work - these are only three of common symptoms of IAM & IAG diseases. To heal these diseases a company must start with the right measures such as introducing consistent role management and multi-level recertification,…

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