Access and Identity

Executive View

Executive View: NetIQ Identity Manager - 70901

NetIQ is part of the Attachmate Group, which consists of a number of business units, including Novell and Attachmate. NetIQ is the entity, which now markets the former Novell Identity and Access Management products. The core product of NetIQ today is NetIQ Identity Manager, formerly known…

Executive View

Executive View: CA SiteMinder® - 71022

CA SiteMinder® in conjunction with CA SiteMinder® Federation provides secure single sign-on and access management to Web applications and Web services either on-premise, at a partner’s site or in the cloud, from a web browser or a mobile device.

Product Report

Product Report: EmpowerID - 71115

EmpowerID was founded in 2005. The company initially was called The Dot Net Factory. Over the years, EmpowerID grew from a vendor of point solutions for administration of Windows Server and Microsoft Server products to providing an integrated platform that covers a large breadth of IAM/IAG…

Leadership Seminar

Nov 27, 2014: Migration auf eine neue Identity Provisioning Lösung

Die Gründe, Chancen, Risiken und Zielszenarien einer Migration verstehen und einen Überblick über die Anbieter im Identity Provisioning- und Access Governance-Markt gewinnen.

Leadership Seminar

Nov 06, 2014: Federation – Single Sign-On – Cloud IAM

Mitarbeiter, Kunden, Partner, Lieferanten – Wie Sie unterschiedliche Anwendertypen optimal integrieren.


Patrick Parker - IAM Meat and Potatoes Best Practices

Keynote at the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014 May 13-16, 2014 at Munich, Germany


Roy Adar - Mitigate Targeted Attacks with Privileged Account Analytics

Keynote at the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014 May 13-16, 2014 at Munich, Germany

Vendor Report

Vendor Report: Thycotic - 71112

Thycotic is one of the newer vendors in the market segment of Privilege Management. Previously they had been a vendor of various point solutions for system management. Aside from their core product Secret Server, Thycotic still develops and sells two other products which focus on specific…

Leadership Compass

Leadership Compass: Dynamic Authorization Management - 70966

Dynamic Authorization Management is arguably the most exciting area in identity and access management today. It is the way in which organizations leverage their identity and access management environment to control access to restricted resources. Access control to file shares, network…

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: Extending your Active Directory to the Cloud - 71108

Most organizations have Microsoft Active Directory in place. The Active Directory (AD) builds the foundation of their on-premises infrastructure for managing users, performing their primary network authentication and authentication to AD-integrated applications such as Microsoft Exchange…

Executive View

Executive View: Beta Systems SAM Enterprise Identity Manager - 70907

The Beta Systems Software AG (Beta Systems) SAM Enterprise Identity Manager belongs to the category of enterprise provisioning systems with integrated access governance functions. Its core function is to reconcile identity information among different systems based on defined processes and…

Executive View

Executive View: Beta Systems Garancy Access Intelligence Manager - 70906

Mit dem Garancy Access Intelligence Manager hat die Beta Systems AG eine spezialisierte Lösung für die Analyse von Zugriffsberechtigungen auf den Markt gebracht. Wie der Produktname schon sagt, handelt es sich um eine Lösung für „Access Intelligence“, einen…

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: Identity & Access Management/Governance Blueprint - 70839

This blueprint aims to provide an overview of IAM/IAG to the informed user, helping them to better understand the “big picture” of IAM, including technologies such as Identity Provisioning, Access Governance, strong- and risk-based authentication and authorization and Access…

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