Access and Identity


EIC 2012 Session: Exchanging Metadata through Different Federations on a Global Scale

Nicole Harris, Head of Identity Management, JISC Advance April 19, 2012 15:40


EIC 2012 Session: Federation or Synchronization – the Future of the Cloud

Andrew Nash, Google Darran Rolls, SailPoint Travis Spencer, Ping Identity April 19, 2012 15:20


EIC 2012 Session: What Federation is About – in Theory and in Practice

Dave Kearns, KuppingerCole April 19, 2012 15:00


EIC 2012 Session: Security for Virtualized Environments, Privileged Users and PCI Compliance

Guy Balzam, CA Technologies Stephan Bohnengel, VMware Giovanni Ciminari, Telecom Italia April 19, 2012 14:30


Entitlement Management – has it really been an academic exercise?

Recently I read a blog post from my appreciated and well known analyst colleague Kevin Kampman at Gartner Group talking about entitlement management. That post had some points which made me wonder. I’ll pick some of the quotes: “One of access control’s biggest challenges is that it has…


EIC 2012 Session: Access Governance Case Study - Friends Life Realizes Quick Time To Value

Julia Bernal, Group Business Security & Data Protection Manager, Friends Life April 18, 2012 17:30


EIC 2012 Session: How to successfully get business to participate in IAM and Access Governance

Dr. Martin Kuhlmann, Omada Edwin van der Wal, Everett April 18, 2012 15:30


EIC 2012 Session: IAM Governance in the New Commerzbank

Dirk Venzke, Director, Commerzbank AG April 18, 2012 14:00

Advisory Note

Business Report: Key Risk/Performance Indicators IAM and GRC - 70204

The concept of Key Performance Indicators is well established at the corporate level, using scorecards as a tool for providing a quick overview on the progress of organizations towards their goals. Key Risk Indicators add risk metrics to that view, relating the progress of indicators to…


EIC 2012 Keynote: How Identity Management and Access Governance as a Service make your Cloud Work and your Business more Agile

Ralf Knöringer, Manager Business Unit IAM, Atos IT Solutions and Services GmbH April 19, 2012 8:30


EIC 2012 Keynote: How do Today’s Technology Challenges make Real IAM Possible?

Jonathan Sander, Director of IAM Business Development, Quest Software April 17, 2012 17:50


EIC 2012 Keynote: Ripped from the Headlines – The ‘Privileged’ Connection – Solved!

Roy Adar, Vice President of Product Management, Cyber-Ark April 17, 2012 16:30

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The Road To CIAM Success – Why an Identity Fabric Powers Digital Transformation

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