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Jun 09, 2009: Messbare Vorteile für Sicherheit und Kosten durch Single Sign-On mit starker Authentifizierung

In diesem Webinar wird auf den quantitativen und qualitativen Nutzen von Enterprise Single Sign-On-Projekten in Verbindung mit starker Authentifizierung eingegangen.


Is there a difference between the European way of doing IAM/GRC and „the rest of the world“?

Keynote at the European Identity Conference 2009 by Paul Heiden , BHOLD COMPANY BV, Prof. Dr. Audun Josang , Queensland University of Technology, and Oslo University, Darran Rolls , Sailpoint, Chris Harvison , Scotiabank  

Product Report

Product Brief: Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager

On Monday the 23rd of March, Microsoft announced that it would - again - delay the launch of ILM 2, the "Identity Lifecycle Manager". The release was now pushed back one whole year, to give Microsoft more time to "validate ILM in long-running live deployments before release". As can be…

Advisory Note

Trend Report: SSO 2009

Single Sign-On (SSO) ist eines der wichtigsten Felder im Identity und Access Management (IAM).Durch eine vereinheitlichte Authentifizierung können eine Reihe von Business-Values erreicht werden, darunter reduzierte Risiken für Sicherheit und Compliance sowie niedrigere Service…

Advisory Note

Technology Report: Strong authentication for user-centric Identity Management

Currently, there is a lot of work done around user-centric identity management. But until now, there is a lack of strong authentication in that area – even while there are several existing approaches which can be used and even while there are many potential identity providers. Despite…

Advisory Note

Market Report: Oracle buys Sun – the Impact on IAM and GRC strategies and tactics

The news that Oracle will acquire Sun Microsystems has lead to some uncertainty at existing Oracle and Sun customersin the IAM and GRC market space. That uncertainty will exist for quite some time, given that the acquisition is not expected to close before the summer of 2009. Until that…

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