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Market Compass

Market Compass: Conversational AI Building Platforms

by Roland Bühler

... customer service, e.g., by providing real-time answers. This can be combined ... service solutions powered by artificial intelligence. Their Aivo Suite comprises ... Support Strong positive Privacy & Security Positive Strengths Intuitive interface (frontend ... & Support Positive Privacy & Security Positive Strengths Complete integration into ... Service & Support Positive Privacy & Security Strong positive Strengths Strong conversational ... & Support Positive Privacy & Security Strong positive Strengths Strong conversational ...


Whitepaper: The Dark Side of the API Economy

by Alexei Balaganski

... to errors. Artificial Intelligence to the Rescue Artificial Intelligence and machine learning ... to inspect raw security events of any kind in real time, as well ... solutions (commonly referred to as security intelligence platforms or even “Next Generation ... , even though such general-purpose security intelligence products have been available for ... be made between general-purpose security intelligence and analytics platforms (the kind ... . Contrary to popular beliefs, artificial intelligence is not supposed to completely ...


Designing and Establishing a Mature PAM Ecosystem for Reducing Risk in Your Organisation

by Paul Fisher

... privilege assets, cloud security for W's and cloud security is obviously something ... business technology, business processes, security integrations, and security processes. I'm not going ... it particularly causes problems for security. A recent survey done by ... incident response, your app security management, risk management forensics, ... is used perhaps for intelligence or another perhaps very ... this on demand elevation real-time on demand that allows ... being is a much better security control at a username replacement. ...

Executive View

Executive View: NRI Secure Technologies: Uni-ID Libra 2.4

by Richard Hill

... to withdraw consent at any time. Beyond the user’s right ... and MFA components. Based on a real-time assessment of multiple risk factors ... be prompted to provide a one-time password in addition to their ... Engine leverages threat intelligence from within NRI Secure’s managed security services network ... of user-behavior and threat-intelligence factors. Also appealing is ... third-party fraud or threat intelligence, although integration to external threat ... to external fraud or threat intelligence services is not supported, ...

Leadership Brief

Leadership Brief: Status and Advantages of Small Data Machine Learning Paradigms

by Anne Bailey

... all that their resource and time constraints permit. But despite the ... insights of today. Better business intelligence and analytics tools are on ... to put the influx of real-time data to work. In many ... smaller datasets that are less time- and labor-intensive to curate ... for privacy, compliance, and information security should be followed. Leveraging small ... a model should be because the real-world application requires it. Be ... Research Advisory Note: Big Data Security, Governance, Stewardship – 72565 Executive View ...


Whitepaper: KRITIS – Understanding and protecting critical infrastructure

by Matthias Reinwarth

... been updated and expanded over time, e.g. by including finance and ... from unwanted processing at all times. Nutrition, Food and Water ... only for short periods of time, require highest protection. Recommended ... areas is illustrated using a real-life scenario which can subsequently ... subject to audit. Threat intelligence and modern Security Operation Centers Beyond the ... help prevent suspicious activity in real time or provide evidence ex post ... of time, up-to-date knowledge in organizations, especially about security ...

Executive View

Executive View: Micro Focus Identity Governance

by Graham Williamson

... or email systems, updating in real-time. Connectors can be quite ... of service, level of training, security level, group memberships, etc. ... risk score. An artificial intelligence approach can also be followed ... unique. Future Outlook Identity intelligence is an area of competitive ... specific applications with an elevated security rating. For example, a procurement ... the development of an advanced security risk environment with governance ... NIST cybersecurity framework for data security and privacy protection. One ...

Leadership Compass

Leadership Compass: Identity Governance & Administration

by Martin Kuppinger

... Strong positive IBM Security Identity Governance & Intelligence Strong positive Strong ... platforms. Real-time analytics and machine learning offer strong access intelligence capabilities ... Innovation IBM Security Identity Governance & Intelligence IBM Security Identity Governance & Intelligence is the ... successor of former IBM Security/Tivoli ... Access Governance and security. Overall, IBM Security Identity Governance & Intelligence is a mature ...

Leadership Brief

Leadership Brief: Distributed Decentralized AI: Create, Share, Scale, Monetize

by Anne Bailey

... current. Distributed and decentralized artificial intelligence is one of these fields ... is Decentralized AI? Decentralized Artificial Intelligence (DAI) is a concept that is ... heterogeneous devices to give real-time estimations of delivery time, road conditions, product ... communicate with untrusted partners creates a security hazard. Blockchain architectures are often ... you into a false sense of security. Some aspects of a partner relationship ... relationship, as well as the security of your own and a partner ...


Whitepaper: Enhanced Privilege Access Management Solutions

by Paul Fisher

... more sophisticated making them robust security management tools. While credential ... ROI, time to value and scalability as much as core security functions ... multi-factor authentication (MFA), security event and incident management SIEM ... two-factor authentication, further enhancing security. Safeguard for Privileged Sessions Safeguard ... There is also support for real-time monitoring – important in complex operating ... - 71147 Leadership Compass: Access Governance & Intelligence – 71145 Leadership Brief: Defending Against ...