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Whitepaper: Accelerate your Digital Transformation through Identity

by Anne Bailey

... automating. There may be artificial intelligence initiatives for “smart” processes that ... PAM), password rotation, etc., are security and compliance first products. CIAM ... organization? Unified digital identity improves security and control over information, processes ... posture. It allows monitoring in real-time of employee and consumer access ... identity information to understand the security state of the organization. ... innovation – towards smoother workflows, heightened security, and creative business processes. As ...


Zero Trust Means Zero Blind Spots

by Alexei Balaganski

... Russia and other countries, elections intelligence agencies. So the, we are ... actually start using them as a real useful reasonable guidelines implemented practical ... policies are evaluated to the real time. You're in a context which ... cannot implement security without monitoring and visibility for multiple times, but this ... everyone. So as Alexei mentioned, I'm a real title and I am CTO for ... in numbers. So this is a real customer scenario from one of ... 95%. Like this is the real impact of flood network. Most ...


Analyst Chat #92: How the Cybersecurity Market Is Evolving

by Warwick Ashford

... is I think for the first time on camera Warwick Ashford, he ... be actually seeing you this time. That's true. But as EIC ... , UEM fraud, reduction, intelligence platforms, API management, and security solutions, those kinds ... business applications and cloud delivered security and security operations centers as a service ... gaps, which tools mitigate the real risks to your business, and ... , I think just prioritize investments in security intelligence platforms, because I think that's really ...

Buyer's Compass

Buyer's Compass: Network Detection & Response (NDR)

by John Tolbert

... some cases payloads in real-time, and alert security analysts when potentially suspicious ... false positives wastes valuable time of security analysts. These security tools were created ... against IoCs in near-real-time. Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is usually provided ... Endpoint Security: Anti-Malware Solutions - 71172 Leadership Compass: Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platforms ... – 80127 Leadership Compass: Security Orchestration Automation Response ...

Leadership Compass

Leadership Compass: IT Service Management

by Warwick Ashford

... assistants, chatbots and other artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Supported by these ... queues, managing approvals, or providing real-time analytics. With workforces increasingly becoming ... flexible deployment options. Category Rating Security Positive Functionality Neutral Interoperability Neutral ... solution and platform. Category Rating Security Strong positive Functionality Positive Interoperability ... big data techniques. Category Rating Security Positive Functionality Positive Interoperability Positive ...

Executive View

Executive View: Palo Alto Networks XSOAR

by John Tolbert

... different and disjointed security tools. Security Information and Event ... vendors are expanding their existing security intelligence, security orchestration, or incident response ... offers endpoint security, XDR, threat intelligence feeds, and other security products. ... Microsoft Graph Security, MicroFocus Arcsight, Microsoft Azure Security Center and ... , and real-time queries and comparisons with fresh threat intelligence. Pertinent ... Alto XSOAR offers advanced security features, including attestations/certifications ...


Making Zero Trust Work With the NIST Framework

by Matthias Reinwarth

... shows some security concerns of how to implement it in a real world ... centered around assessing risk in real time context base, and then making ... the same time. Of course, you know, expectation is that security must ... dynamic and assessing context in real time to prevent identity theft, which ... the intelligence to the existing environment to then give customers time to ... can assess in real time, what we can do in real time, since we ... to gather context information in real time, coming from an online banking ...


A Fresh Look at the Business Value of PAM in the Work-From-Anywhere World

by Paul Fisher

... is a specialist KC live event, real wealth catching. You can still ... each of those have no real oversight over the other platforms ... also need better reporting and real time inventing, I guess you could call ... 's happening to the organization in real time. So this is a kind of ... not in working time with your Santee modification to security department, for ... with different security permissions, and of course just-in-time approach. And ... , it's a hot topic now, artificial intelligence, which can very the books ...


Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Through Identity

by Christopher Schütze

... better customer journeys, and improved security, privacy, and compliance. Welcome ... practice cybersecurity and chief information security officer with KuppingerCole. And ... access. So that additional security controls like a step of ... but also by more visible security measures like multifactor authentication, ... in today, relationships are in real time choice. It's infinite and ... the personas and unified experience, security, productivity, and enablement. ... approach? Is it some intelligence mixture of detecting your device ...


There Is No Successful Digital Transformation Without Strong Identity Management

by John Tolbert

... knowledge based authentication or security questions for account recovery ... for fraudulent activity, device intelligence, information about end points ... overall identity assurance, credential intelligence. This is again looking ... detection and then credential intelligence, having fresh information about ... behavioral analysis, plus device intelligence, plus environmental attributes, which ... call it a real time. Identity proofing, right. Real time identity proofing is like ... all different. And, and Tim, you may, you may ...