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Executive View

Executive View: Senrio Insight

by Alexei Balaganski

... a team of veteran security researchers and former intelligence officers, the company is ... is detected, which may indicate a security incident. The platform is specifically ... threat intelligence data as well, which allows detecting communications (both real-time and ... and developers, Senrio Trace is a real-time security monitoring solution that can be ... multiple challenges that traditional IT security solutions are facing when deployed ... : Getting a Grip on OT Cyber Security – 71110 Advisory Note: Plant Automation ...


Need for Standards for Consumable Risk Engine Inputs

by John Tolbert

... of these new tools bring real value, in that they ... this security ecosystem. On the supply side there are various intelligence ... services. The forms of intelligence provided may ... consumers of these types of intelligence. Conceptually, risk-adaptive authentication ... and authorization solutions at transaction time. The results of a runtime ... for representing the results of intelligence-gathering and risk analysis. ... that standardization of a few intelligence attributes as well as normalization ...


Whitepaper: IAM for the Hybrid Reality. Efficiently Managing On-Premise IT and the Cloud.

by Richard Hill

... when, etc.) User device information (security health e.g. OS type, browsers, plugins ... Audit logs, including SIEM Other security policy information (e.g. certifications or re ... regulations and compliance, is used Intelligence Intelligence gives the ability to make ... provides Identity Governance and Cloud Security solutions and secures enterprise and ... , highly granular access controls and real-time analytics for external users’ access ... Okta Service specific Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) Cloud Directories like ...

Executive View

Executive View: CyberArk Privileged Session Manager for Cloud

by Anmol Singh

... (PAM) must evaluate their security requirements associated with administrative access ... fundamental strong multi-factor authentication security principle. Cloud administrators and ... the most sought-after security capabilities by security leaders to gain ... , thereby enhancing administrative efficiency, security and user productivity. CyberArk Privileged ... Threat Analytics module provides near real-time detection and alerting of suspicious ... for meaningful and actionable threat intelligence. Therefore, it may not ...

Executive View

Executive View: Checkmarx Software Exposure Platform

by Alexei Balaganski

... that currently target them. In a real world, however, developers require special ... languages (over 25 at the time of this review), operating ... application security testing which is known for relatively long scan times but ... known vulnerabilities are detected in real time and thus have no impact ... on existing test cycle times. CxIAST is a solution targeted ... as well as integrating security and compliance intelligence from 3^rd^ party open ... in a unified platform Quick scan times and rich automation capabilities are ...

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Executive View: Symantec CloudSOC™

by Mike Small

... on 100+ objective security attributes based on Symantec threat intelligence. These attributes ... in cloud apps and from real-time cloud application traffic to ... Behaviour Analytics (UBA) leverages intelligence from StreamIQ and machine learning ... endpoint options, proxy chaining, shared intelligence, unified policy management, using ... Threat Protection including file reputation intelligence, A/V scanning, and sandboxing technologies ... including: biometrics, OTP (One Time Passwords), Two Factor Authentication and ...

Executive View

Executive View: BeyondTrust PowerBroker for Unix & Linux

by Martin Kuppinger

... use of shared accounts. Among security risks associated with privileged users ... strategic acquisitions, including eEye Digital Security, Likewise and Blackbird Group. This ... products into an integrated risk intelligence suite, the BeyondInsight IT Risk ... , BeyondTrust can combine privileged access intelligence with information about endpoint and ... be used for forensics, for real-time session control, and for the ... information against vulnerability data and security intelligence from external sources. Thus, critical ...


Access Governance for today’s agile, connected businesses

... needs to be responsive to real time security information – for example supporting immediate ... approaches Extending IAM by real time cyber threat intelligence In the first part ... , Strategy and Product Management, IBM Security Systems, will describe how IBM ... understands and provides security for this new ABC, by ... and by integrating IAM with real-time cyber threat intelligence.


Stopping a Clapper Over WikiLeaks

by Tim Cole

The U.S. government announced plans to put in place within the next five years measures designed to make it impossible to pass on sensitive information to the likes of WikiLeaks. They hope to accomplish this by “tagging” information so it can be tracked in case someone shares it with outsiders. The idea of creating “information-rich information” is obviously the right way to go in addressing privacy and security concerns in the Digital Age. It is possible, technically at least, to attach rules to individual ...


Leadership Compass: Adaptive Authentication - 71173

by John Tolbert

... behavior profiling Cyber Threat Intelligence Subscriptions to real-time feeds of known bad ... administration, delegated administration, encryption, SIEM/RTSI integration, Identity Governance integration, Privilege ... can output logs to SIEM/RTSI, and integrate with Privilege ... also send data to SIEM/RTSI using syslog. Updates and ... Splunk for SIEM/RTSI as well as Business Intelligence. SecureAuth partners with ... as well as Software Security, System and Network Security, Security Monitoring, Analytics & Reporting ...