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KRITIS - Kritische Infrastrukturen verstehen und schützen

by Matthias Reinwarth

... einzelnen Bereiche wird anhand eines realen Szenarios veranschaulicht, das anschließend ... einer Auditierung. Threat intelligence und moderne Security Operations Centers Über die ... Intelligence ein wesentlicher Bestandteil der Cyberabwehr und der Reaktion auf Security ... Verfügbarkeit von umsetzbarer Threat Intelligence in einer Form bereitstellen ... . wp80065loesungenundproduktevoncyberark20190829.png Privileged Account Security (PAS) bietet ein mehrstufiges ... Mindest- oder "just in time"-Privilegien und zum Wechseln, ...

Combined Session

AI in Cybersecurity: Between Hype and Reality • Machine Learning & the SOC

by Alexei Balaganski, Cory Missimore

Artificial Intelligence is surely one of the ... already matured enough to replace security analysts as well? In this ... not least, should we human security experts start worrying about our ... jobs already? Security Operation Centers (SOC) s are continuously ... banality, drawing a security analyst’s time, and attention away from potentially real threats or ... a primary concern for security analysts, chief information security officers, and chief executive ...


Technology Trend: The Road to Integrated, Hybrid and Heterogeneous IAM Architectures

by Matthias Reinwarth

... worldwide has faced for a long time, change processes and systems in ... of a company, the concept of a security perimeter, have practically ceased to ... transformation is the key to security, governance and audit, but also ... to link identities and model real-life dependencies within teams, companies ... intelligence for ongoing business transformation, while ensuring compliance, consent and customer security ... while maintaining control and enforcing security. In a nutshell: We need to ...

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Infrastructure as a Service – Global Providers

by Mike Small

... delivering those innovations that provide real business benefits. For example, ... by a credit of 50 times the fees for any period ... while at the same time remaining compliant with laws ... of development services including Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, and SaaS ... and deployment of Artificial-Intelligence (AI)-powered chatbots and ... layer architectures) and topologies, security and reliability. Telefonica continues to ... includes computing, storage, network, security, and management services. Related Research ...


Advisory Note: Software Defined Infrastructures - 71111

by Rob Newby

... Unfortunately, network infrastructure, network security, storage and virtualization resources ... to see your IT real estate all in one ... data plane. Defining security controls is a Security Department function, as ... a lack of network insight/intelligence. SDI starts to draw ... have failed to patch. Real IAM integration could be ... heading towards integrated security. This integrated security still can be ... defined jobs: The Sunday Times The Times used Amazon Web Services ... to the root of the real issue. For provisioning, a ...


Why Cybersecurity and Politics Just Don’t Mix Well

by Alexei Balaganski

... Jong-Un, United States intelligence agencies were quick to allege ... should retaliate with real weapons. Now, every information security expert knows ... Israeli intelligence teams. In case of the Sony hack, many security ... introducing mandatory backdoors into every security tool and banning certain ... mention completely destroying businesses like security software vendors or cloud ... with a more secure one this time? – one still cannot but ... vulnerability exploits that the German intelligence agency BND is known ...


Advisory Note: Secure your Cloud against Industrial Espionage - 70997

by Rob Newby

... service providers involved for some time and the evolution of ... competition? Solution Privileged User Security Data Security Technical Controls Reporting and ... , organised crime or foreign intelligence and their influence on existing ... -hand. The concerns are demonstrably real. Table 2: Qualitative Risk Matrix ... systems home with him. Foreign Intelligence Services – there has been ... be some overlap with Foreign Intelligence Services here, particularly where ... that disk block. Some time ago the Finance department of ...


Identity Assurance - the Art of Knowing Your Customers

To conduct online business, users need to be able to identify themselves remotely and reliably. In most cases, however, it is not sufficient for the user to simply assert "I am who I say I am - believe me." When doing digital business, you will never meet your customers face-to-face, and there is a need to establish certainty and proof of the customers' identity. Digital on-boarding must be simple for the user, while at the same time give the business enough information to ensure trust. This webinar will ...

Expert Talk

Why we Should Stop Riding a Dead Horse • Consumer Identity Management, Mobile and New Services Driving Innovation at Insurers to Increase Customer Interaction • Industry 4.0: IGA (Identity Governance & Administration) in Hybrid Environments

by Denis Joannides, Dr. Amir Alsbih, Wolfgang Berger

... we failed to protect the real world applications with passwords and ... need to leverage the same security infrastructure to optimize the number ... of Things (IOT) technology, artificial intelligence and cloud computing in the ... to meet security and compliance regulations while reducing the time spent for ...


Vendor Report: MetricStream - 70105

by Martin Kuppinger

... reporting capabilities.  Well-thought security concept.  Strong technical integration ... times of fundamental change. Business GRC vendors increasingly move towards a real ... Risk Management or Regulatory Intelligence. This results in support ... products:      Security Functionality Integration Interoperability Usability Security – security is measured by ... the degree of security within ... understood as weaknesses in security. Known security vulnerabilities and hacks ...