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Analyst Chat #63: The Need For New Drivers to Improve Cybersecurity

by Alexei Balaganski

... regarding risk and risk in cyber security architectures. We talked about cyber ... at the same time, but it actually indicates the overall state of it security in the world ... FireEye and Microsoft like major security vendors themselves, right? Unfortunately we, as an ... benefiting from a higher level of privacy, of security, of governance, of our personal data. I ... market and look for threat intelligence indicating that someone, that ... use this real opportunity to increase and to improve the security posture for many ...

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Digital Workplace Delivery Platforms

by Paul Fisher

... - but operated within a strict security layer, backed up by good identity ... Fig. 1). There are real productivity issues that vendors are ... address. According to research by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the average employee ... will be incorporated to increase the security versus convenience ratio. Workplace solutions ... according to most need or at certain times time is a useful function Should User and ... organization looking to improve productivity and security would be recommended to investigate. 2021mcdigital ...


Managing Azure AD – Regardless of How You Use It

by Martin Kuppinger

... . So the first POTUS is motor deployed time, identity management. In a sense, we created a ... -on experience to also act as another of security where we control, who can access ... as artificial intelligence. And then again, tying in that desktop security with windows ... privilege model that even in a security breach, where someone gets authenticated ... . Recent studies have shown that of security breaches in cloud environments, at least 75% of ... step of, I think this is the real question towards an accurate ADA strategy ...


Analyst Chat #59: Understanding the SolarWinds Incident and Recommended First Steps

by John Tolbert

... some interesting or some frightening security incidents were happening in the meantime ... uh, containment and, uh, phase. So good time to be talking about what we've learned so ... need to, uh, insist upon better security from the it supply chain ... pick up through, uh, threat intelligence sources, uh, and search across ... real purpose for, uh, it, it will have to be removed. Then I think it would also be time ... requires a, a strong set of, of, um, of skilled security staff internally or externally. So this is a must ...


Analyst Chat #13: Cybersecurity Portfolio Optimization

by Matthias Reinwarth

... is a first time for us as well. We want to talk about cyber security portfolio optimization ... , cyber security, and the current times is really ... a challenging issue. I think you, as the director of practice, cyber security ... say there is no 100% security. You cannot achieve 100% because ... say it as an password, but like real artificial intelligence, which really helps you to support ... you in making your cyber security more efficient, maybe more effective ...

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Typical Risks and Pitfalls for IGA Projects

by Warwick Ashford

... With essential enterprise infrastructure, security capabilities and business applications shifting ... analytics • Device-level security • Threat intelligence Assess and prioritize the ... time-to-value, greater insight, management and audit capabilities, and security ... CASBs, Threat Intelligence, and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) to address security needs. A ... quickly, while at the same time enabling a gradual migration of legacy ... . Only a pilot installation under real world conditions will be able to ...

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Panel - Fight Smarter, not Just Faster

by Geoff Hancock, Harley Parkes, John Felker

... will be plenty of time for Q&A because that is where the real potential of this panel ... efficiency)? How do you share threat intelligence that is consumable and usable by ... about scale when addressing cyber security operations – and discussing what ... respect to network defense and cyber security operations? The makeup of this panel ... will be plenty of time for Q&A because that is where the real potential of this ... participants to think differently about threat intelligence, automation, and orchestration in the ...

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The Information Protection Life Cycle and Framework: Deceive

by John Tolbert

... technologies are designed to simulate real production networks and assets to ... campaigns as well as to collect intelligence on potential adversaries. This has given ... (DDPs) as a new specialty in security architectures. Beyond Monitoring and Detection ... limited budget, perhaps spending it on a security solution that, if triggered, is guaranteed to ... information protection plan? Assess your security infrastructure monitoring solutions. Monitoring ... and provide the fastest product time-to-value. Plan to upgrade and ...


Modern Identity Fabrics: A Cornerstone of your Digital Strategy

by Martin Kuppinger

... to meet the requirements of its time. And with each iteration, digital ... (Application Programming Interfaces). Essentially, this is real “identity as a service” – a service ... flexible. With dynamic orchestration and intelligence capabilities at the center of their ... a separate solution for IoT security: ForgeRock Edge Security. In Digital Transformation, connecting ... the newly built Identity Fabric. Time to Value:Operating an Identity Fabric as ... continues to operate while migrating over time. On the other hand, the ...


Why C-SCRM Is Becoming so Essential for Your Digital Business

by Joerg Resch

... provide undocumented access capabilities to Chinese intelligence agencies enabling them to globally wiretap ... hard- and software or is it real? The most recent story about ... experience that these threats are real. The fact that Crypto ... series describes the foundations of information security in supply chain relationships. Furthermore ... Security Framework is addressing IoT/IIoT related challenges. For the first time ... May 13 at 12 pm, in the Digital Enterprise Security Track. An hour session dedicated to C-SCRM ...