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EIC Speaker Spotlight: Patrick Parker

... game. The technical entitlements have no real relation or meaning as to how they, ... , have extremely elaborate and idiosyncratic security models, which are specific to ... amount of standing privileges is a huge security risk for organizations who are ... if we borrow a term used in business intelligence and data analytics, what we really ... need is a semantic layer in business intelligence, a semantic layer is the mapping for ... , very different security model. Very complex, takes someone a long time to learn, ...


Digital Trust: Critical to Digital Business Success

by Richard Hill

... an infrastructure for this increasingly connected intelligence enterprise, both for incoming and ... and risk management available at deploy time. And runtime is important, adaptive ... as we come out of the pandemic, we're seeing a real change in our, in our work structures ... authentication technology and capabilities to strengthen security by integrating their core applications. So ... with Mila, no changes, but the real, you know, topping on the ... association where they took a real big step back, they identified ...


When AI meets IoT: Does the Public Perception Reflect Reality?

... and we're not really talking about real intelligence where we're talking about the, ... made. There is not an intuitive level of intelligence or worse, even sentience involved in that ... making decisions for random periods of time. So it gave the impression that ... time, longer than people realize, you know, with that level of intelligence ... whatever. And frankly, in a year's time, it will become a liability because it can ... four years, cybersecurity, can we, as cyber security experts do something against it? Can it be ...

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Providers of Verified Identity

by Anne Bailey

... to verify that a digital identity corresponds to a real-world identity. These vendors provide ... , Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), or be supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI). But the services that Providers ... the biometric data of an individual in the real world. When authenticating, the user ... business value(s) in terms of enhanced security, enterprise integration, time to value, operational efficiency, and ... Management - 79016 Executive View: Callsign Intelligence Driven Authentication - 80174 Executive View ...

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Synacor Cloud ID

by John Tolbert

... fraud/threat/compromised credential intelligence to match the appropriate authentication ... 3^rd^-party fraud and compromised credential intelligence: Runtime evaluation of internal or external ... get complete profile information at registration time. Cloud ID supports Android and ... , and account recoveries at certain times of the year, such as ... recovery, consumers can set up “security questions” (Knowledge-Based Authentication, or ... schemes are necessary to support real-world identity relationships. Synacor ...


Microsoft Acquires Nuance to Drive AI-Based Workplace Innovation

by Warwick Ashford

... operations. Use cases for artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry include chatbots ... , for improved patient experience and security. According to Microsoft, the acquisition is ... Microsoft recognizes Nuance as a pioneer in the real-world application of enterprise AI, and plans ... providers and other professionals more time to focus on more important things. ... voice biometrics features to improve security and reduce fraud. For more ... , increase productivity, and free up time for more important and strategic ...


Analyst Chat #19: Identity Vetting - Dealing With the Wave of Fraud During the Pandemic

by Matthias Reinwarth

... So using fraud reduction intelligence platforms has become a real paramount issue for a ... typically attached to them because their security is due to limited budgets due ... the same time that people would try to manipulate a real global crisis ... financial or healthcare institution at this time, identity proofing plus multifactor authentication ... those bits of information together at the time of account registration. So that, you ... of helping to reduce fraud, especially in times like a pandemic where it's not as easy ...


In an Age of Digital Transformation Managing Vendor and Partner Identity Is Critical

by Paul Fisher

... business technology is changing all the time, but we are seeing obviously trends ... traditional organization, automation and artificial intelligence machine learning are also impacting ... So we need better incident response. We do need security, security management, or allocation that you could ... is that organizations party spent a lot of time and money through highly manual ... about and we, we execute on all the time, right? So it's the story of, you ... categories. And again, the real, the real impact and value comes in ...


Identity for All – Not for the Few

by Richard Hill

... to ensure digital security across all their systems. Well, at the same time, this ... within the identity and access intelligence capabilities, it can help identify ... and college and capabilities, IGA intelligence that provides business-related insights ... tooling that leveraged a lot of artificial intelligence to allow our customers to move their ... reports you can look at. There's no real good visibility that you typically ... . And that's where again, artificial intelligence is helping us to, to achieve that. Okay. The ...


Analyst Chat #63: The Need For New Drivers to Improve Cybersecurity

by Alexei Balaganski

... regarding risk and risk in cyber security architectures. We talked about cyber ... at the same time, but it actually indicates the overall state of it security in the world ... FireEye and Microsoft like major security vendors themselves, right? Unfortunately we, as an ... benefiting from a higher level of privacy, of security, of governance, of our personal data. I ... market and look for threat intelligence indicating that someone, that ... use this real opportunity to increase and to improve the security posture for many ...