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AI Service Clouds

by Anne Bailey

... that increase enterprise accessibility to artificial intelligence technologies. AI services are in increasingly ... importance. Explainability is a key enabler of trust, security, and auditability of models and individual ... participating vendors for five categories: security, deployment, interoperability, usability, and ... feature engineering steps designed with real time feedback on accuracy uplift. Model ... business benefits? Leadership Brief: Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity Leadership Brief: AI and ...


Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Through Identity

by Christopher Schütze

... better customer journeys, and improved security, privacy, and compliance. Welcome ... practice cybersecurity and chief information security officer with KuppingerCole. And ... identity is often part of the IP or security team where a customer identity is more ... conditional access. So that additional security controls like a step of authentication ... we live in today, relationships are in real time choice. It's infinite and choice. I ... the right approach? Is it some intelligence mixture of detecting your device, calculating ...


A Fresh Look at the Business Value of PAM in the Work-From-Anywhere World

by Paul Fisher

... now, which is a specialist KC live event, real wealth catching. You can still ... each admins on each of those have no real oversight over the other platforms ... we also need better reporting and real time inventing, I guess you could call ... it of what's happening to the organization in real time. So this is a kind of what I call a, a ... of passport with different security permissions, and of course just-in-time approach. And so on each ... know, it's a hot topic now, artificial intelligence, which can very the books ...


Consumer Identity Management Evolution

by John Tolbert

... is real, maybe matching that up to, you know, a government issued ID, credential intelligence, knowing ... all these different intelligence sources, you know, at log-in time, let's say, ... able to pipe these into your security intelligence tools like SIM soar. You ... out there, or overall fraud reduction intelligence platforms to effectively outsource a lot of ... the UK and caused the, in the real time rescheduling of procedures and surgeries, it needed ... two years ago, apple and Tim cook being emphatic about in, in, in ...

Advisory Note

Emerging Technologies Fostering Digital Business Innovation: Healthcare

by Anne Bailey

... parts of healthcare to a real-time, self-service model. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ... connectivity, compliance with privacy and security regulation, long-lasting with ... and Ambient Sensors.("Alsubaei et al., (2017) Security and Privacy in the Internet of Medical ... , in transit, and taking appropriate security measures for its storage. Interoperability ... other identity schemes without compromising security or privacy. an80266comparisonofdigitalidentityusecasesbasedonscope20210302.png Digital ...

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IT Service Management

by Warwick Ashford

... assistants, chatbots and other artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Supported by these AI technologies, ... to ensure a good level of data security, functionality, deployment options, interoperability, and ... meet their needs, especially in terms of security, functionality, deployment, interoperability, and usability ... queues, managing approvals, or providing real-time analytics. With workforces increasingly becoming ... CA Technologies in 2018 and the enterprise security business of Symantec in 2019. CA Service ...

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Network Detection & Response (NDR)

by John Tolbert

... in some cases payloads in real-time, and alert security analysts when potentially suspicious ... false positives wastes valuable time of security analysts. These security tools were created to ... patterns against IoCs in near-real-time. Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is usually provided by ... Endpoint Security: Anti-Malware Solutions - 71172 Leadership Compass: Fraud Reduction Intelligence ... Platforms – 80127 Leadership Compass: Security Orchestration Automation Response ...

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NRI SecureTechnologies: Uni-ID Libra 2.4

by Richard Hill

... the ability to withdraw consent at any time. Beyond the user's right to ... factors such as multi-factor one-time password authentication using SMS, an ... and MFA components. Based on a real-time assessment of multiple risk factors, consumers ... can be prompted to provide a one-time password in addition to their regular password ... leverages threat intelligence from within NRI Secure's managed security services network ... outputs. Integration with external threat intelligence platforms is currently on NRI Secure ...

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Palo Alto Networks XSOAR

by John Tolbert

... over 50 different and disjointed security tools. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM ... , vendors are expanding their existing security intelligence, security orchestration, or incident response platforms to ... also offers endpoint security, XDR, threat intelligence feeds, and other security products. Cortex ... queries, and real-time queries and comparisons with fresh threat intelligence. Pertinent case ... to SIP to SOAR - 80008 Leadership Compass: Security Orchestration, Automation and Response - 80016

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Thales SafeNet Trusted Access Platform

by John Tolbert

... collection of additional context information if dictated by security policy to prevent unauthorized access. Authentication ... the solution Process relevant threat intelligence in real-time: using customer's internal, vendor ecosystem ... , target application, and context attributes. Security policy authors can construct policies ... AnyConnect, Epic Hyperspace, FreeRADIUS, IBM Security Access Manager, Oracle Access Manager ... highest levels of identity assurance and security. SafeNet Trusted Access provides granular ...