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Executive View

Executive View BeyondTrust PowerBroker for Unix & Linux

by Martin Kuppinger

... use of shared accounts. Among security risks associated with privileged users ... strategic acquisitions, including eEye Digital Security, Likewise and Blackbird Group. This ... products into an integrated risk intelligence suite, the BeyondInsight IT Risk ... , BeyondTrust can combine privileged access intelligence with information about endpoint and ... be used for forensics, for real-time session control, and for the ... information against vulnerability data and security intelligence from external sources. Thus, critical ...


Access Governance for today’s agile, connected businesses

... needs to be responsive to real time security information – for example supporting immediate ... approaches Extending IAM by real time cyber threat intelligence In the first part ... , Strategy and Product Management, IBM Security Systems, will describe how IBM ... understands and provides security for this new ABC, by ... and by integrating IAM with real-time cyber threat intelligence.


Stopping a Clapper Over WikiLeaks

by Tim Cole

The U.S. government announced plans to put in place within the next five years measures designed to make it impossible to pass on sensitive information to the likes of WikiLeaks. They hope to accomplish this by “tagging” information so it can be tracked in case someone shares it with outsiders. The idea of creating “information-rich information” is obviously the right way to go in addressing privacy and security concerns in the Digital Age. It is possible, technically at least, to attach rules to individual ...


Leadership Compass: Adaptive Authentication - 71173

by John Tolbert

... behavior profiling Cyber Threat Intelligence Subscriptions to real-time feeds of known bad ... administration, delegated administration, encryption, SIEM/RTSI integration, Identity Governance integration, Privilege ... can output logs to SIEM/RTSI, and integrate with Privilege ... also send data to SIEM/RTSI using syslog. Updates and ... Splunk for SIEM/RTSI as well as Business Intelligence. SecureAuth partners with ... as well as Software Security, System and Network Security, Security Monitoring, Analytics & Reporting ...


Executive View: NRI SecureTechnologies: Uni-ID Libra 2.0 - 70266

by Martin Smith

... and convenient. At the same time, compliance with new and demanding ... and services like threat intelligence and managed security services. On the other ... V.2.0—SMS and voice messages. Time-based one-time passwords (OATH TOTP) is ... and MFA components. Based on real-time assessment of multiple risk factors ... be prompted to provide a one-time password in addition to their ... a very wide choice of one-time-password second-factor methods and ... , media and telecom customers Integrated real-time risk analysis Wide selection of ...


Leadership Compass: Access Governance - 70948

by Martin Kuppinger

... Governance. Whitebox Security supports a well thought-out approach on real time access risk ... significant progress in security management for Garancy Access Intelligence Manager. For environments ... complemented by the additional Access Intelligence capabilities. Security Functionality Integration Interoperability Usability ... which need additional advanced Access Intelligence capabilities. KuppingerCole Leadership Compass ... /Threats   Leading-edge Access Intelligence capabilities. Well-integrated product portfolio ...


Executive View: Deep Secure Content Threat Removal Platform - 71311

by Martin Kuppinger

... , and it takes additional time to protect against attacks once ... phase 2 in figure 1, the time where attacks are run but ... is available, during which time other less skilled attackers can ... emerging field of “Cognitive Security”, where AI (Artificial Intelligence) and KuppingerCole Executive ... useful business information, i.e. the real content, from the data and ... the focus is on non-real-time delivery channels such as file ... Recursive data decomposition technology ensures real-time transparent protection from unknown ...


Leadership Compass: Secure Information Sharing - 72014

by Graham Williamson

... rate products: ● Security ● Interoperability ● Functionality ● Usability ● Integration Security – security is measured by ... transfer proxies are supported. Security Model Security Functionality Integration Interoperability Usability ... provided. MobilityLab has developed a real-time collaboration tool called Direct File ... critical infrastructure protection and defense intelligence environments. Their Trustworthy Technology ... as well as Software Security, System and Network Security, Security Monitoring, Analytics & ...


Advisory Note: From Big Data to Smart Information - 70750

by Mike Small

... 5.5.2 Natural language Processing 11 5.6 Business Intelligence Analytics Tools 11 5.7 Providing Standard ... can be analyzed by Business Intelligence Tools to identify trends and ... keep and which to discard. Real time security event data creates a similar challenge ... into usable Smart Information. 5.6 Business Intelligence Analytics Tools Big Data tools ... Big Data technologies to build intelligence on the networks of cyber ... incident reports. Then using business intelligence software the data is processed ...


Vendor Report: Courion Corporation - 70920

by Dave Kearns

... adds a new identity and access intelligence layer on top. While speaking ... what some vendors call Access Intelligence, i.e. advanced analytical capabilities beyond what ... Assurance Suite by adding access intelligence and risk assessment capabilities, and ... , creating near-real-time graphical profiles of the most critical security risks to ... Strong analytical capabilities, applying Business Intelligence to Access Management Products relatively ...