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Advisory Note: EIC 2014: Trends and Hot Topics - 71127

by Martin Kuppinger

... Topics No.: 71127 Page 9 of 14 8 Realtime Security Intelligence: Beyond SIEM, towards the next ... will be integrated into a Realtime Security Intelligence solution. This will use advanced ... threats updated in real time to identify threats and attacks. Realtime Security Intelligence will form ... SOC (Security Operation Center), supported by managed services providing threat information in real time, ... . Recommended readings: ● Advisory Note: Real Time Security Intelligence - 71033 KuppingerCole Advisory Note EIC ...

Expert Talk

Cyber Threat Intelligence - What this is and why it Matters? • STIX/TAXII and its Impact on Threat management

by Mike Small, Richard Struse, Peter Allor, Gaetan van Diemen

... show that, on the average the time between an organization’s IT systems being infiltrated ... it is needed. Barriers to sharing threat intelligence How threat intelligence is being used in practice Emerging ... US Department of Homeland Security and chair of the OASIS Cyber Threat Intelligence Technical Committee ... help address key use-cases. Real world implementations Industry experts share ... discussion related to threat intelligence sharing, incident response and risk, time permitting. We invite ...

Executive View

BeyondTrust Password Safe

by Anmol Singh

... Übernahmen durchgeführt, einschließlich eEye Digital Security und der Blackbird Group. Diese ... seine Produkte in einer integrierten Risk Intelligence Suite zu konsolidieren - der BeyondInsight IT Risk ... Sprache) Advisory Note: Real-Time Security Intelligence - 71033 Advisory Note: Security Organization, Governance, and the ...


Survey: State of Organizations: Does Their IAM Meet Their Needs in the Age of Digital Transformation? - 74003

by Martin Kuppinger

... elements, such as Access Governance and Intelligence, Privilege Management, or a mature solution for ... & Event Management/Real Time Security Intelligence) in Place 7.7 % 83.3 % Enterprise Mobility Security Management Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs ... or planned as part of the organizations Cyber Security/ IT Security Strategy, we find a mixed yet not ... IAM (Identity & Access Management), Enterprise Security, Information Security, IT Risk Management, Compliance, Internal ...

Leadership Brief

How to close the skill gap in your Cyber Defense Center

by Martin Kuppinger

... understand the event and to respond Security Intelligence PlatformsCognitive SecuritySIEM Known regular events ... Management Baseline defense and analytics Security Intelligence PlatformsThreat Intelligence ServicesPrivileged Threat AnalyticsFirewallsIdentity & ... approaches such as Security Intelligence Platforms (SIPs), sometimes also referred to as Real Time Security Intelligence (RTSI). Also ... , more traditional tools such as SIEM (Security Information and ...

Advisory Note

Sustainable Infrastructures through IT Compliance

by Matthias Reinwarth

... for organisations to adhere to current security requirements. Forward-thinking businesses go ... overall security. Modern security infrastructures support IT Compliance by providing automation and real-time ... full-scale Security Operations Centre (SOC) providing real-time insight into security events. ... This facilitates simultaneous and real-time analysis of potential security incident candidates based on, e.g., ... art technologies, often described as Real-Time Security Intelligence (RTSI), can process large numbers ...


Detecting the Hand Still in the Cookie Jar

... system. Those typical security breaches in SAP systems can be detected in real-time by targeted log ... – Detect – Respond: The new paradigm Real Time Security (RTSI) and SIEM Identity as the ... new security perimeter Extending traditional SAP security with real time breach detection. Identifying ... and protection to new ones like Real Time Security Intelligence (RTSI) in general as well as Breach/Incident ...


Orchestrated Identity for Meeting IAM & CIAM Requirements

by John Tolbert

... increasingly move from a perimeter-based security model to a perimeter-less one, ... IAM capabilities for better internal security as well as deploy CIAM to learn ... be configured to query external services for real-time threat intelligence. Policies can be written to use ... from other directories via SCIM. Security Pirean encrypts data in transit and ... deployments must adapt to incorporate new security features. Consumer Identity management has ... . Harvest identity analytics for better security. Use a risk-based management ...


The Future of Digital Business Security

by Jochen Werne

... in developments within the industry. This time, however, there has been a ... that technology breakthroughs, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and data ... be one step ahead of criminals at all times. Understanding vulnerabilities from a criminal’s point ... .Moving around freely both in the real world and in the confines of ... of preparing for them.In recent times, individuals have grown increasingly concerned ... a matter of time and consequently, doubts of the general public toward data security were ...


KYC is a must, not only for compliance reasons, but what about KYE?

by Matthias Reinwarth

... inadequate name for such an essential security mechanism. Other than it suggests, it is ... aims at identifying undesirable behaviour in real-time needs to satisfy the high standards ... nowadays assist in the identification of security issues. Thus they can help ... sources, for example threat intelligence data and real-time security intelligence (RTSI) this might ... approach towards business and security into essential solutions for ... operationalising both for constant improvement of security and the core business can ...