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Executive View

Executive View BeyondTrust PowerBroker PAM

by Martin Kuppinger

... products into an integrated risk intelligence suite, the BeyondInsight IT Risk ... able to combine privileged access intelligence with information about endpoint and ... access credentials and alert in real-time as passwords are released and ... privileged session activity is started. Real-time session monitoring, recording and the ... use of threat and vulnerability intelligence and behavioural analytics makes it ... scale Related Research Advisory Note: Real-Time Security Intelligence - 71033  Leadership Compass: Privilege ...

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Executive View CyberArk Portfolio Overview

by Graham Williamson

... control granularity and rights Provide real-time monitoring, recording, and tamper- ... incidents via a visual representation of real-time events. Threat scores are assigned ... instantly changed throughout the environment. Real-time analytics are provided by the ... privileged account access and provides real-time controls. Windows and UNIX operating ... the privileged account management space Real-time monitoring of elevated permission sessions ... Information Stewardship 70963 Leadership Compass Real-time Security Intelligence

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Executive View Balabit Shell Control Box

by Alexei Balaganski

... into other areas of security intelligence with products like Shell ... recently announced Contextual Security Intelligence Suite, an integrated Real-time Security Intelligence Platform providing detection ... routed.   If Blindspotter, the real-time user behavior analytics solution recently ... eyes authorization enables additional real-time control over their actions. ... a time-consuming and costly process involving a team of security experts ... products in the Contextual Security Intelligence suite Integration with third ...

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Executive View BeyondTrust Password Safe

by Anmol Singh

... Übernahmen durchgeführt, einschließlich eEye Digital Security und der Blackbird Group. Diese ... Produkte in einer integrierten Risk Intelligence Suite zu konsolidieren - der BeyondInsight ... englischer Sprache) Advisory Note: Real-Time Security Intelligence - 71033 Advisory Note: Security Organization, Governance, and ...


Leadership Compass: CIAM Platforms - 70305

by John Tolbert

... The product integrates with SIEM/RTSI via syslog, and with GRC ... example, CIS integrates with SIEM/RTSI tools such as QRadar. ... with client-defined policies. For real-time security intelligence, iWelcome utilizes the ELK ... with systems such as SIEM/RTSI, CRM, and big data ... offers OOTB connectors to SIEM/RTSI tools. It can also ... can feed data to SIEM/RTSI systems and Splunk. At ... have interface capabilities to SIEM/RTSI solutions, and cannot receive and ... threat intelligence feeds. The product sends data to SIEM/RTSI tools ...

Expert Talk

Cyber Threat Intelligence - What this is and why it Matters? • STIX/TAXII and its Impact on Threat management

by Mike Small, Richard Struse, Peter Allor, Gaetan van Diemen

... that, on the average the time between an organization’s IT ... 200 days. Shared threat intelligence provides the potential for organizations ... ability to share and exploit intelligence on these new threats. ... Barriers to sharing threat intelligence How threat intelligence is being used in ... Homeland Security and chair of the OASIS Cyber Threat Intelligence Technical ... address key use-cases. Real world implementations Industry experts share ... to threat intelligence sharing, incident response and risk, time permitting. We ...


The Future of Digital Business Security

by Jochen Werne

... developments within the industry. This time, however, there has been a significant ... technology breakthroughs, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and ... ahead of criminals at all times. Understanding vulnerabilities from a criminal’s point ... around freely both in the real world and in the confines ... preparing for them.In recent times, individuals have grown increasingly concerned ... of time and consequently, doubts of the general public toward data security ...

Executive View

Executive View Microsoft Azure Blockchain Services

by Ivan Niccolai

... to identify and quantify the real potential benefits and balance ... advanced analytics, machine-learning algorithms, security features, and developer tools. Other ... anything else for which near real-time information is required to support ... while maintaining transaction and identity security through a unique democratic consensus ... business and technical requirements for security, performance, and operational processes. ... 033 Advisory Note: Real Time Security Intelligence #71,152 Advisory Note: Security and the Internet ...


Antivirus is dead, so what?

by Alexei Balaganski

... a rigid perimeter), database and application security, identity management and information rights ... management. Security experts have been talking about ... evolution is the so-called Real-time Security Intelligence, where security solutions are becoming a mix ... analytics and external sources of real-time security information, such as zero day ... coordinated, another aspect of a security application suite becomes more important ... security solutions, they are still relevant and won’t go away any time ...


Privileged User Monitoring as Key Element of Counter-Measures

... fit into the concept of Real Time Security Intelligence and into an overall Privilege ...