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Combined Session

Improving IoT Safety Using Standards to Improve IoT Security • Making CTI Actionable: Closing the Feedback Gap

by Duncan Sparrell, Michael Pepin

... will adapt to threats in real time based on the standards being ... will adapt to threats in real time based on the standards being ... achieve response in cyber-relevant time. The economic benefits of automation ... OASIS standards on sharing threat intelligence (STIX/TAXII) and playbooks ( ... you're receiving cyber threat intelligence (CTI) from outside sources. ... security analysts and engineers should consider to help them isolate relevant intelligence ... the gap How this helps real-time (at machine speed) cyber defense ...

Combined Session

Rethinking the Future of Identity with Zero Trust • Security Automation and Adaptive Cyber Defense Strategies for Success - Experiences from the Financial Sector

by Dr. Donnie Wendt, Corey Williams

... private organizations, Zero Trust security is becoming a real, tangible concept. Key take ... gap between the attacker's time to compromise and the defender ... effective intelligence sharing. Cyber defenders must improve detection and response times ... (a) community sharing of security intelligence, (b) automation and orchestration of security responses, and (c) the ... gap between the attackers' time to compromise and the defenders ... ' time to respond. An integrated approach involving security orchestration, ...

Executive View

Executive View ERPScan Smart Cybersecurity Platform for SAP

by Matthias Reinwarth

... only) aspect of SAP security. Application platform security: Just like any other ... of Duties conflicts. Application platform security - The vulnerability management module ... external attacker would do); whitebox security assessments (scanning for system ... models ERPScan has remodelled its security architecture around a generic monitoring ... benefits heavily from its underlying security and vulnerability information database, ... can be provided to existing Real-time Security Intelligence (RTSI), SIEM systems, to IT ...


Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity: Are We There Yet?

by Alexei Balaganski

... the applications of Weak Artificial Intelligence or “Narrow AI”, which ... need a reality check. First, artificial intelligence, at least in its practical ... deeper, more holistic real-time visibility into the security posture of an organization ... segments variously referred to as security intelligence platforms or next-generation SIEM ... applications include generating structured threat intelligence from unstructured textual and multimedia ... need humans from time to time… So, is Artificial Intelligence the solution for ...

Leadership Compass

Leadership Compass Privileged Access Management

by Anmol Singh

... as Identity Provisioning tools or Real Time Security Intelligence with very limited support for ... its in-built high availability, real-time password replication and automated recovery ... Strong threat analytics capabilities offering real time threat detection and remediation Effective ... membership in directory objects supporting real-time surveillance of AD groups to ... of high-risk activities in real-time and offers control of session ... privileged access methods and delivering real-time command filtering and control over ...


Beating Fraudsters at Their Own Game With Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platforms

... segment is called Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platforms, or FRIP. FRIP solutions ... of signals, analyze them in real-time, and indicate to their consuming ... the market for Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platforms, and show the results ... , Offering Management Strategy Lead, IBM Security Trusteer, will present how Trusteer ... journey. Leadership Compass: Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platforms - 80127by John Tolbert This ... the market for Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platforms and provides you with ...

Leadership Compass

Leadership Compass Enterprise Endpoint Security: Anti-Malware Solutions

by John Tolbert

... have been around for a long time. Accordingly, individuals and organizations ... clients typically receive updates several times a day. Signature-based scanning ... console and SIEM or other security intelligence systems Deployment options for management ... worth consideration at RFP time. Category Rating Security Positive Functionality Positive ... pre-execution heuristics, system monitoring, real-time behavioral analysis, and sandboxing. The ... The console provides dashboards for real-time visualization and a number of pre ...


Analyst Chat #36: Questions to Ask Your Cloud Provider About Security

by Alexei Balaganski

... and Matthias Reinwarth discuss the security challenges for enterprises moving ... at KuppingerCole for quite some time, because all organizations are ... provider has its own infrastructure security. Obviously this is our ... correctly, right? Oh, again, security, security by design is not a technology ... opposed to automated approach towards security, meaning that a system, a service ... holy grail of general artificial intelligence in reality, which we probably ... they been tested in the real life scenarios? Not necessarily. ...


The need for an "integrated identity" within hybrid cloud infrastructures

by Matthias Reinwarth

... , the operation and the security aspects of modern IT infrastructures ... traditional access governance and access intelligence tasks. Providers of traditional, ... including a suitable identity, access and security approach. The implementation of a concept ... "integrated identity". For the access intelligence and access governance side the ... of an existing Access Intelligence, an existing Real-Time Security Intelligence (RTSI) solution or by deploying ... providing the required levels of security and governance. And since we ...


Workforce Continuity in a Time of Crisis

It is not only in times of crisis like the current ... appropriate, security and compliant access rights to employees in near-real time to ... compliance. IAM tools using artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of ... workers automatically Staying secure in times of crisis Warwick Ashford, senior ... look at why it is time to rethink identity and use ... to ensure business continuity in times of crisis. Ben Bulpett, EMEA ...