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OpenID Foundation Workshop

... Deutsche Telekom Account Chooser by Pam Dingle of Ping Identity "HEART ...

Pre-conference Event

Early Insight on Latest Innovations in Online Identity Standards

by Eve Maler, Pamela Dingle, Don Thibeau, John Bradley, Jörg Connotte, Nat Sakimura, Roland Hedberg

... Google Identity Team and/or Pam Dingle of Ping Identity "HEART ...


Monitor Your Cloud Administrators and Managed Service Operators – Avoid Privilege Abuse and Fraud

by Martin Kuppinger

Both the use of cloud services and outsourcing services to MSPs (Managed Service Providers) are on the rise. Managing cloud services or opening on-premise, hybrid, and external services for management by external operators requires the ability for controlling access, particularly privileged operator and administrator access, to these services. Who can manage your cloud services, particularly the ones that offer just one shared administrative account? And who controls the access of external operators to your ...


SAML is Dead! Long Live SAML!

by Craig Burton

... conference. Q: Just want to echo Pam's point that the combinatorial explosion ... combinatorial explosion is an underestimate. Pam’s soft pedaling of the numbers ...


Risiko Root: Das Management von privilegierten Benutzerkonten

by Martin Kuppinger

... noch an einem ausreichenden Management. PAM-Lösungen (Privileged Account Management) versprechen ... welche Lösung ist die Richtige? PAM – manchmal auch als PIM ... dass hier erhebliche Sicherheitsrisiken entstehen.PAM-Lösungen zielen darauf ab, Sicherheitsrisiken ... Trend auf: Die Integration von PAM in übergeordnete Konzepte, sowohl ... ist unerlässlich, sich heute mit PAM-Konzepten auseinanderzusetzen, plattformübergreifend und in ... Sie über Privileged Account Management (PAM) wissen sollten“ veranstaltet das ...

Combined Session

Access Management: Policies and Standards • Building Blocks for a Complete Access Management Strategy and Implementation

by Martin Kuppinger, Stefan Dodel, Lars Hartke, Heinrich Wilking, Maarten Stultjens

... well integrated. Access Governance, Provisioning, PxM (Privileged Access, Account, Identity, User ...


The Sony case - or how to best ignore security best practices

by Martin Kuppinger

... lead to the topic of PxM, e.g. protection against privileged access/users ...


Database Security - a strategic perspective

by Martin Kuppinger

... user (account, identity, access) management, e.g PxM. That is important for database ...


Roy Adar - Mitigate Targeted Attacks with Privileged Account Analytics

Keynote at the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014 May 13-16, 2014 at Munich, Germany


How to Stop the Insider Threat: Protect Yourself from Privileged Users

by Martin Kuppinger

KuppingerCole Webinar recording