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EIC Speaker Spotlight: Chris Owen on Identity Management

by Andrea Beskers

... in particular, if we take privileged access management (PAM) and identity governance and administration ... typically existed within silos. So PAM tools were originally designed for ... this specific to IGA and PAM or do you see this ... technologies, not just IGA and PAM, you're starting to see ... PAM and IDaaS type solutions. You ... moves into the IGA and PAM space as well. So there ... that may get consumed by Pam IGA tools as well. Some ...


Joseph Carson: Your Journey to Privileged Access Security Maturity and Success

Privileged Access Management (PAM) continues to be a top priority ... . Whether you’re starting a new PAM project or strengthening an existing ... and introduce you to the PAM checklist that will help guide ...


Identity and Access Management Strategies That Grow With Your Business

by Martin Kuppinger

... PAM ... PAM ... privileged access management ... privileged access management, which is another important domain. So for it, for privileged access management ... on privileged access management, such ... Pam ... Pam ... Pam ... Pam implementation or how privileged access management ... is a big part of organizations. If you're looking at privileged access management ... Pam ... the Pam initiatives, ... Pam and ... Pam ... Pam can take Pam ... Pam ... Pam ... Pam solution ... a Pam perspective, ... a Pam solution ... my Pam solution ... Pam, ... Pam solution ... within Pam, ... Pam ...


Centrify & Thycotic: Will 1+1 be 2? Or less? Or more?

by Martin Kuppinger

... in the specialized area of Privileged Access Management (PAM), currently a $1.4bn market according ... and investors who realize that PAM has performed a growth spurt ... ” and Centrify as a “trusted PAM market leader”. The description of ... by its performance in KuppingerCole’s PAM-related Leadership Compass reports. Thycotic ... and Centrify: Both amongst the PAM leaders Thycotic is also a ... a white-label version of its PAM platform – a deal that has ... two companies two sets of PAM technologies with considerable overlap ( ...

Executive View

Executive View: STEALTHbits® Products Overview

by Mike Small

... Active Directory, Data Access Governance, Privileged Access Management, and Threat Detection. # Introduction Access ... Active Directory, Data Access Governance, Privileged Access Management (PAM), and Threat Detection. The products ... functionality Related Research Leadership Compass: Privilege Management - 72330   Advisory Note: KRIs and ...


Remote Workforce: How to Protect Yourself From Emerging Threats?

by Paul Fisher

... become a well-known fact that Privileged Access Management (PAM) is an integral part of ... maybe an IAM solution or a privileged access management solution conventionally, again, you'll ... that for especially vaults and privileged access management solutions. This would be a tough ... I think we offered a very interesting privileged access management solution as a, as a SAS platform ...

Leadership Compass

Leadership Compass: IDaaS Access Management

by Martin Kuppinger

... this KuppingerCole Leadership Compass on Privileged Access Management. Aside from the rating ... fit for strategic decisions on Privileged Access Management. Auth0 IAM Based in ... Native integration with Centrify’s PAM Integrates an EMM solution ... Advanced server access for basic PAM A rich API framework ... IAM technologies with IDaaS and privileged access management (PAM) being the latest additions ... & Intelligence - 71145 Leadership Compass: Privileged Access Management - 79014 Leadership Compass: Identity Governance ...


One PAM - A Holistic Approach to PAM for the Shift to a Zero Trust Model

Join Peter Dulay, Symantec Identity Management Adoption Advisor, Broadcom, as he introduces One PAM, which brings together traditional proxy-based (credential vaulting) with agent-based (granular access controls) capabilities into one consolidated solution and approach, and how One PAM is better positioned to help customers shift to a Zero Trust model. Peter Dulay, Security & Integration Adoption Advisor, Broadcom

Combined Session

One PAM - A Holistic Approach to PAM for the Shift to a Zero Trust Model • Continuous ZeroTrust as a Way To Know Your User • Persistent digital reputation across industries, countries, and legal frameworks

by Mateusz Chrobok, Peter Dulay, Stepan Gershuni

... , Broadcom, as he introduces One PAM, which brings together traditional proxy ... and approach, and how One PAM is better positioned to help ...


In an Age of Digital Transformation Managing Vendor and Partner Identity Is Critical

by Paul Fisher

... , is customer identity, access management, privilege, access management. Again, it has become more ... link, particularly in things like privilege access management. And we need to be ...