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Press Release

Amar Singh verstärkt das KuppingerCole Analystenteam

... in verschiedenen Disziplinen, darunter Privilege Management, Security Incident & Event Management, Data Privacy, Policy ... und Process optimization, Governance, risk management und Network Security. "Wir ... seinen vielseitigen Erfahrungen aus dem Management als auch aus dem ... Security Strategies, SIEM, Cloud Security, Privilege Management, Netzwerksicherheit und Security Operations Center ... Security Organization und IAM (Identity & Access Management). Pressekontakt:KuppingerColeMartin KuppingerAm Schloßpark 12965203 ...

Press Release

Amar Singh is joining the KuppingerCole Analyst Team

... various disciplines, including Privilege Management, Security Incident & Event Management, Data Privacy, Policy ... and Process optimization, Governance, risk management, and Network Security,. “We ... on both the executive management and information security contexts ... in the fields of Identity Management and Information Security” Amar ... Strategies, SIEM, Cloud Security, Privilege Management, Network Security and Security Operations ... and IAM (Identity and Access Management). Press contact:KuppingerCole Martin KuppingerAm ...

Executive View

Executive View Pirean Consumer IAM Platform

by Richard Hill

... on-premise. The management of user identity, access, and its governance ... manual processes. Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) is a growing sector ... -consumer (B2C) identity and access management use cases. For the workforce ... the ability to view, administer access privileges, and message their team ... registration, giving user consent management capabilities to control the use ... of assurance based on the privileges given or type of ... approach, beyond employee lifecycle management, Pirean is an interesting ...


Informationen schützen, Risiken reduzieren: Privilegierte Zugriffe kontrollieren

... geht um die Kombination von Access Governance und Funktionstrennungen auch in ... ist mehr als nur ein Privilege Management-Produkt einzuführen. Er wird das ... denen Identity und Access Governance, User Activity Monitoring und Privilege Management kombiniert werden ...


The need for an "integrated identity" within hybrid cloud infrastructures

by Matthias Reinwarth

... it is essential that Identity Management for and within the cloud ... into an overall identity and Access Management system. For the maintenance of ... management task. Designing the appropriate entitlement structure and assigning the appropriate access ... the least privilege principle is in the end a traditional Access Management task. Defining ... in the end traditional access governance and access intelligence tasks. Providers of ... "integrated identity". For the access intelligence and access governance side the AWS ...


It’s not about security vs. safety – it is about security and safety

by Martin Kuppinger

... stuff – with unidirectional firewalls, with privilege management technologies to protect shared administrative ...


The Foundation for GDPR Compliance and PI/PII Protection: Understand Where Data Resides and Who Processes It

by Martin Kuppinger

The EU GDPR requires covered organizations to be able to account for and document how personal data is collected, processed and shared. What many companies often fail to realize is that this data is not only stored in specialized and appropriately secured silos such as databases. In fact, the vast majority of their business information is in unstructured and semi-structured formats, distributed across multiple systems an services. Without consistent visibility into whose data is processed across these ...


Q & A from the XACML/ABAC Webinar

by Felix Gaehtgens

... on role attributes) and the privilege giving mining approach? A: (Babak) Role ... to users. The idea of privilege-giving attribute mining is to ... attributes are privilege-giving: a) user profile’s cost center assignment, b) users management level ... support xacml policy life cycle management 360. Most vendors of business ... manage attribute based access to multiple resource? Traditionally, privilege attributes are bundled ... , most large vendors of Identity & Access Management products or applications that handle ...


Microsoft Security Announcements

by Alexei Balaganski

... from the world’s largest identity management service, Microsoft has all the ... the rapidly growing CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) market, compensating for ... will also power new security management capabilities of Office 365 and ... , cloud app discovery and permissions management for 3rd party cloud services ... complete and explicit control over privileged access to their data by Microsoft ... . Additionally, numerous improvements in security management and reporting have been announced ...


Security & Privacy by Design is Agility by Design – time to rethink Banking IT

by Martin Kuppinger

... external relationships, elaborated phishing and privileged user attacks just being two ... technology with advanced identity and access management prospects promises a huge leap for ...