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Leadership Brief

Leadership Brief Robotic Process Automation

by Warwick Ashford

... take over tasks such as accessing multiple systems to determine current ... considered and mitigated through a change management program. The cost of RPA ... enforce the Principle of Least Privilege by ensuring that each robot ... define processes for the Lifecycle Management of robot accounts and integrate ... employee, team or department with access to the RPA system should ... technology to enable automations to access legacy systems in the past ...

Executive View

Executive View Microsoft Azure Active Directory

by Richard Hill

... IDaaS, in general, provides Identity & Access Management capabilities as a service, ranging from ... limit risks from excessive privileges or outdated access rights to applications. IDaaS ... administer the lifecycle of identities. Access Management – capabilities are ranging from authentication ... identity governance with privileged identity management, access reviews and entitlements management.s a few examples. To ... Suite – 72541  Leadership Compass: IDaaS Access Management - 79016  Leadership Compass: CIAM Platforms ...

Combined Session

The Anatomy of an IAM Cyber Kill Chain • The POWER HACKER – Don’t Let the Lights Go Out – A Look Inside the MIND of a Hacker • At the Intersection of API Security, Cybersecurity and IAM: the Next Wave of Intelligent Solutions

by Loren Russon, Joseph Carson, David Lee

... will discuss why Identity and Access Management has evolved to become a key ... an integrated approach to governing privileged access.Key takeaways: Attendees will learn ... look for, including rogue accounts, access anomalies and unusual file patterns ... session describes the anatomy of a privileged account hack3. How cybercriminals target ... next wave of identity and access management solutions in the market. Organizations ... , manage customer consent, enforce data access governance, and achieve regulatory compliance ...

Leadership Compass

Leadership Compass Identity as a Service: Single Sign-On to the Cloud (IDaaS SSO)

by Martin Kuppinger

... general provides Identity & Access Management and Access Governance capabilities as a service ... other specific features such as Privilege Management capabilities. Closely following ( ... integration with Centrify’s Privilege Service, i.e. cloud-based Privilege Management. Centrify Identity ... , Password Management, Access Certification, and User Provisioning, and Access Request Management. Furthermore, ... 70962 Leadership Compass: Privilege Management - 70960 Leadership Compass: Access Management and Federation - 70790 ...

Advisory Note

Advisory Note How to Assure Cloud Services

by Mike Small

... cloud services[^#]("Leadership Compass: Cloud Access Security Brokers - 72534 ( ... Human resource security Asset management Access control Cryptography Physical and ... notice Individual participation and access Accountability Information security Privacy ... system is protected against unauthorized access (both physical and logical ... is compliant. Recommendations Leadership Compass: Privilege Management - 72330 Leadership Compass: Identity ... - 70319 Leadership Compass: Cloud Access Security Brokers - 72534 Executive View ...


Creating new attack surfaces in VMs and Network Security devices

by Martin Kuppinger

... Policy Enforcement Points) for access management into network access gateways is, from the ... at the risks around privileged accounts especially for network ... by design. Granular access control, centralized policy management based on XACML, ... tightly integrated with the provisioning and PxM (Privileged ... "whatever - user, identity, access, account" Management), standard auditing ... these devices consistently by management tools, PxM with support for these ...

Advisory Note

Advisory Note Blockchain and Risk

by Mike Small

... consistency between the copies and access to the ledger is ... distributed copies of transactions but access is limited to a closed ... could illicitly be used to access other information. Threats Wherever ... unintentional mistakes when using these privileged accounts can be also high ... should be control over administrative access to the infrastructure supporting blockchain ... for example through background checks. Privilege management technology should be used to ... or more owners who control access and ensure consistency. Un- ...


Smart Manufacturing: Locking the Doors You've Left Open When Connecting Your Factory Floor

by Martin Kuppinger

... processes. The latter includes risk management, incident handling, etc. But, also ... security technologies. This includes Patch Management, which is more complex in ... also includes various IAM (Identity & Access Management) capabilities. Enterprise Single Sign-On ... healthcare environments. Privileged Access Management might help in restricting privileged user access to critical systems ... to manage users and their access to such environments. There are ...


Whitepaper Balancing Security and Convenience: Identity Verification & Authentication made easy

by Martin Kuppinger

... a simple customer journey and everyday access, starting with convenient Identity Verification ... stand in conflict with risk management, regulatory, and security requirements. Solutions ... services permanently, providing access to insurance services where access happens rarely or ... delivering access to connected vehicles ... Research Leadership Compass: Privilege Management – 72330 Architecture Blueprint: Access Governance and Privilege Management - 79045 Advisory ...

Executive View

Executive View Universal SSH Key Manager

by Alexei Balaganski

... facto standard for remote administrative access and secure file transfers. ... CryptoAuditor for monitoring and managing privileged user activities, as well as ... . Traditional enterprise Identity and Access Management solutions usually do not provide ... This does not just include privileged access to various systems, but also ... This ensures that newly provisioned access is compliant with corporate security ... Enterprise Key and Certificate Management – 70961 Leadership Compass: Privilege Management – 71100 Advisory Note ...