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Combined Session

Security Automation in the Financial Sector: Research Findings, Best Practices, and Lessons Learned • Why must CISOs and security leaders let IAM drive their cloud security adoption?

by Anmol Singh, Dr. Donnie Wendt

... security priorities. Identity and Access Management (IAM) remains one of the key ... that include cloud access management, cloud entitlement management, cloud privileged access and cloud ...


How Security and Identity Fabrics Work to Help Improve Security

by Christopher Schütze

... classification. So topics from governance to security management protection detection of the various data ... like incident response management business continued to management and also operational ... maybe it talks to the privilege privileged access solution, right? And instead ... other words, I think about privilege access management, you know, why, why ... to do. And then of course, privileged access management ensures that those keys of the ... privileged access. You're going to put together identity and access management, ...


Matthias Reinwarth: The Future of IAM: Towards a Unified, Modular, Trusted, and Connected Identity Ecosystem

by Matthias Reinwarth

... think a future identity and access management might look like this is my perspective ... within our identity and access management system. So connected and trusted. ... important parts of identity and access management is moving towards decentralized solutions. So ... . They should be kept in a privileged access management system so that they have that ... or real, really a traditional privileged access management RPA robots. Again goes back ... of your identity and access management ecosystem that communicates with services ...


Analyst Chat #93: Policies and Automation to Secure Your Agile and Dynamic IT Environment

by Martin Kuppinger

... -priority topic of how to achieve automation of management and security across the entire ... the application itself and the privileged access to the application? So the entitlement ... or a dynamic conversation, policy and identity management, or a, I don't know, types of policies, it is always ... . So I understand security better than infrastructure management today's development. So my days of development are ... capabilities such as cloud infrastructure, entitlement management, come in say, we tackled this, this ...


EIC Speaker Spotlight: Vadim Lander on the Dawn of Digital IAM

by Andrea Beskers

... identity today? I think in the identity management space today, we're seeing a number of ... maintaining the right level of privileges. To ensure that identities get ... how do we practice identity management? How do we run identity management? Where does it run? ... to create an environment where identity management itself as an IT architecture can ... able to do, what are your privileges? Those decisions can be incorporated into ... I'll be talking about identity and access management in terms of how it's being modernized. ...


EIC Speaker Spotlight: Jackson Shaw on Identity and the Rise of Platforms

by Warwick Ashford

... Chief Strategy Officer at Identity Access Management firm Clear Skye, is to deliver a keynote ... things like governance, life cycle management, privilege account management, web access, [and] all ... growing like governance, life cycle management, provisioning, and many of the other ... do directory synchronization, [and] life cycle management. And then when we started seeing ...


EIC Speaker Spotlight: Jackson Shaw

... includes, you know, lifecycle management. It includes privilege, account management, web access, all kinds ... growing like governance, life cycle management, provisioning, and many of the other ... . We've seen them do directory, synchronization, lifecycle management. And then when we started seeing ...


Identity for All – Not for the Few

by Richard Hill

... of that integrated risk management, as well as role management for policy management capabilities, and increasingly ... deals. This is the principle of least privilege. That is something that is mandated by ... It's very important that I maintain lease privilege. When my role within the company ... used, what users are over-privileged allowing you to strive for ... Those environments are so rich and privileges. You're talking about users that ... would have thousands of individual privileges, and then that changes on a ...


Identity Governance. The Value of Leveraging IGA Functions from the Cloud

by Martin Kuppinger

... to work seamlessly with Adaptive Authentication, Privileged Access Management, and other technologies. Beyond ... focus must be on such accounts. Privileged Access Management (PAM) must become an integrated ... for a cloud service. Privileged Access Management, focusing on the highly privileged accounts, affects all ... SaaS applications. Furthermore, Azure AD Privileged Identity Management (PIM) provides additional controls for ... such as Adaptive Authentication and Privileged Access Management. Define and implement and ...


Accelerating Your Digital Transformation: Secure and Successful Cloud Migrations

by Mike Small

... effective manner and removing the management costs associated with commodity ... of bringing together all of your management of these policies and events, which ... hybrid estate increases the complexity of management and the key approach to ... 's your application, your platform, identity management, operating systems, firewall, configuration, et ... an integration of a Pam last, a privileged access management tool? Well, I would say that ... when you want to control access management access to a firewall. So if you have a ...