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Press Release

European Identity Award 2012

... rund um Identity & Access Management, GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance) und Cloud ... rund um Identity & Access Management, GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance) und Cloud ... die Notwendigkeit von professionellem Identity Management und Cloud Security in breiten Bevölkerungskreisen ... Flughäfen. Das Unternehmen hat eine Privilege Management-Lösung implementiert, die Compliance-Anforderungen ... erfolgreichen Bemühungen, Identity und Access Management in der staatlichen Verwaltung und im ...


KuppingerCole Industry Round Table: Cloud Computing und Datenschutzrecht

... weniger starkem Druck ihres Top Managements das Cloud Computing Zeitalter einleuten ... – Data Location Identity & Access Management in der Cloud Privilege Management Verfügbarkeit Datensicherheit Autorisierungsmanagement und ...


Cloud Computing und die Zukunft der Informationssicherheit: Die 10 wichtigsten Herausforderungen

by Martin Kuppinger

Cloud Computing ist keine neue Technologie, sondern eine neue Lieferform für Anwendungen und Informationen. Eine Lieferform, die bisher nicht gekannte Rationalisierungseffekte bei gleichzeitig mehr Flexibilität ermöglicht und deshalb besonders in wirtschaftlich unsicheren Zeiten an Attraktivität gewinnt.Doch die extreme Skalierbarkeit und die hohe Flexibilität der Cloud sind nicht nur Freund, sondern auch Feind, wenn man sie vom Standpunkt der Informationssicherheit aus betrachtet. In diesem Vortrag ...

Executive View

Tremolo Security - A Different Approach

by Graham Williamson

... by cookie cutter definitions of identity management, nor are they restricted to the ... to their connected applications, a session management facility will be required to support SSO ... requirements as typically required in a workforce identity management environment or it can be scaled-up to meet ... performance requirements of a consumer identity access management (CIAM) environment. An OpenUnison deployment will ... and Federation – 71147 Leadership Compass: Privileged Access Management – 79014 Leadership Compass: CIAM ...


Oracle Identity Cloud Service: Identity for Business Applications in the Hybrid IT

by Martin Kuppinger

Commissioned by Oracle Introduction Cloud services have become a reality for most businesses over the past few years. For most businesses, “cloud first” has become the norm, not the exception. As a result, more and more of the business workloads are shifting to the cloud, into as-a-service deployment models. This has created hybrid business systems for most organizations. This evolution requires other IT services such as IAM (Identity and Access Management) to follow this trend. This critical authentication ...

Executive View

Symphonic – Intelligent Authorization

by Graham Williamson

... a requirement for sophisticated key or token management to the access control task. Developers ... of the policy. Symphonic Symphonic Access Management Strengths and Challenges Undoubtedly there ... and Federation – 71147 Leadership Compass: Privileged Access Management – 79014 Leadership Compass: CIAM ...


The Foundation for GDPR Compliance and PI/PII Protection: Understand Where Data Resides and Who Processes It

by Martin Kuppinger

The EU GDPR requires covered organizations to be able to account for and document how personal data is collected, processed and shared. What many companies often fail to realize is that this data is not only stored in specialized and appropriately secured silos such as databases. In fact, the vast majority of their business information is in unstructured and semi-structured formats, distributed across multiple systems an services. Without consistent visibility into whose data is processed across these ...

Executive View

Safe-T Software Defined Access

by Martin Kuppinger

... from a weak or stolen password or compromised privileged credentials as examples, a case can be made ... from long-established Web Access Management and Web Application Firewalls to CASB ... based on a broad range of different protocols. Management of data flows (named as workflows by Safe ...

Executive View

IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM)

by Richard Hill

... for the foreseeable future. The management of user identity and access ... Identity governance with user lifecycle management and compliance options as well as a ... such as MaaS360 for mobile device management, IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform ... IAM functionality, it is also marketed as an Access Management and Identity Federation platform with ... WAF capabilities for Web Access Management. ISAM provides the standard ... IBM Security Policy Management - 70953 Executive View: IBM Privileged Identity Manager – 71557


Authentication, Access, Assets: The Triple A of Securing Sensitive Systems and Information

... entrance gate. Historically, managing privileged access focused on protecting privileged accounts by securing and ... and Assets. In many organizations, provisioning privileged access to critical assets is delivered ... as an entry point for an attack. Today’s Privileged Management technologies make it possible to provide secure ... when used for privileged access How combining privileged session management with a secure ... VPNs for securing privileged sessions and why Privileged Access Management solutions can integrate ...