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Leadership Compass: Identity Provisioning - 70949

by Martin Kuppinger

... Identity Provisioning Report No.: 70949 Content 1. Management Summary 7 2. Methodology 12 3. Product Rating 13 4. Vendor ... midPoint 35 11.13 Fischer Automated Role & Account Management 36 11.14 ForgeRock OpenIDM 37 11.15 Hitachi ID Identity Manager ... Single Sign-On - 70962 Leadership Compass: Privilege Management - 70960 Vendor Report: Courion Corporation ... for creating custom Identity Management solutions like management or request interfaces to existing directories ...


Buyer’s Guide: Access Governance and Identity Provisioning - 71030

by Martin Kuppinger

... 71109 February 2014 Leadership Compass: Privilege Management - 70960 January 2014 Leadership Compass ... service, delegated administration, and password management. In addition , configurable workflows ... aspects are role management capabilities as part of the management processes. Access Governance ... solutions User lifecycle management performance User access request management Optimization of ... = low. User lifecycle management performance User access request management Optimization of administration KuppingerCole ...


Intelligente Protokollierung von Aktivitäten

... , Anwendungen und Daten verhindert werden. Privilege Management befasst sich mit den leistungsfähigsten ... für privilegierte Konten selten durchgängiges Management der Konten über den gesamten ...

Leadership Brief

Top Cyber Threats

by Christopher Schütze

... help to define suitable protective measures. Management must be involved Today, more ... cannot execute any harmful actions. Privileged Access Management Critical actions should at least ... access can be prevented. For privileged actions a Privileged Access Management must be used. Zero Trust ... procedures and protocols. Furthermore, an API management solution must be used to secure access ... – 70278 Leadership Compass: Privileged Access Management – 79014 Whitepaper: PATECCO Privileged Access Management Services – 80037 ...


Advisory Note: Software Defined Infrastructures - 71111

by Rob Newby

... to Information Security and IT Service Management. Unfortunately, network infrastructure, network security ... – which is in fact enforced by IT Service Management and Information Security – is the definition ... to any computing infrastructure. That is, the management of hardware resources by applications or services ... . A software-defined approach makes centralised management of large infrastructures much simpler, as ...  Access control, separation of duties and privilege management  Keep up to date with open ...

Executive View

Atos DirX Access

by Martin Kuppinger

... into three major parts: Identity Management: The management of identity lifecycles and their ... is commonly referred to as Identity Provisioning (Lifecycle Management) and Access Governance, or as IGA (Identity ... , identity federation, and authorization. Privileged Access Management (PAM): These technologies focus on highly ... privileged users and the specific ... for shared accounts and of privileged user sessions. Access Management, also referred to as Web ...


Leadership Compass: Cloud IAM/IAG - 71121

by Martin Kuppinger

... 70962 Leadership Compass: Privilege Management - 70960 Leadership Compass: Access Management and Federation - 70790 ... combination of directory services, user management, and access management to the Cloud. There are ... Cloud Identity and Access Management. IDMaaS (Identity Management as a Service), IDaaS (Identity as ... is required to do in the deployment, operation, management and discontinuation of the product. The ... provides services for Identity Management, Web Access Management and Federated Identity & Access ...


Mobile, Cloud, and Active Directory

by Martin Kuppinger

... field of IAM (Identity and Access Management) – entering that market. Aside ... we call Cloud User and Access Management. There are a number of expectations ... offering both a broader approach to Privilege Management with its Server Suite and ... . Centrify has strong capabilities in mobile management, providing a number of capabilities such ... as MDM (Mobile Device Management), mobile authentication, and integration with ... Container Management such as Samsung Knox. All ...


How to identify attacks? Know your enemies – and what they already might do.

by Martin Kuppinger

... Roy Adar, Vice President of Product Management at CyberArk, Roy brought up an interesting number ... SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tools are one approach, however ... specialized analytics for areas such as Privilege Management (for instance, CyberArk’s PTA), User ...

Combined Session

IAM/IAG Maturity Levels: Introducing the new KuppingerCole Maturity Level Ratings • From Chaos to Collaboration – Orchestrating Identity & Access Governance Properly

by Martin Kuppinger, Dr. Martin Kuhlmann, Darran Rolls, Marco Venuti, Edwin van der Wal, John Barco

... as Identity Provisioning, Access Governance, Privilege Management, Access Management&Federation&Cloud IAM, and others ... , threat mitigation or role life-cycle management: Where can automated procedures relieve ...