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Combined Session

Putting Context in Identity: Governance, Compliance, Entitlement and Roles

by Paul Heiden, Deepak Taneja, Kevin Cunningham, Chris Sullivan

Governance facilitates Compliance just as Role management facilitates Entitlement. But context eases the management of both Governance and Roles. Context is key to more automated, less expensive, GRC solutions.


Market perspectives on Governance, Compliance and Identity Management

by Marne E. Gordan

Regulatory compliance and how these requirements impact IT budgets and priorities has been - over the past year in particular - a pressing issue for business and IT professionals alike. According to a new study published by IDC, the market demands IT products and services providers that understand these regulatory requirements at a high level yet deliver compliance solutions specific to individual vertical markets. All of these regulatory compliance requirements and internal control objectives have major IT ...

Combined Session

Corporate Governance & Compliance - Current Developments and Trends in Europe

by Klaus-Michael Thelemann

The European Union just recently adopted numerous directives, introducing a whole string of additional requirements for a “new” form of corporate governance. In this context, the changes to the Fourth, Seventh and Eighth EU Directives as well as the Transparency Directive are in the focus of particular interest - their provisions will intervene significantly in the corporate governance of all impacted companies. The new requirements aim at further boosting the confidence of market participants in the ...


Identity Governance and Administration

... September 9, 2022   Contents  Access Governance Access Governance is one of the two ... , and access intelligence. Access Governance has become increasingly important with ... Combine Identity Provisioning and Access Governance? Most organizations need Identity ... most organizations require Access Governance for security and compliance reasons, we could ... goals organizations have in Identity Governance and Administration. Automated user ... Access Governance.IGA helps to cut costs, increase security, improve compliance, and ...

Market Compass

Market Compass: Data Governance Platforms

by Paul Fisher

... . How Data Governance can assist organizations in meeting compliance regulations and to ... not the same as Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) although the two ... fall foul of compliance. Finding the right Data Governance platform involves policies ... regulatory and compliance mandates, has driven demand for Data Governance platforms. However ... that also encompasses several compliance and Data Governance applications. The platform itself ... top of security and compliance features. Full Data Governance tools and security ...


Whitepaper: Moving towards a holistic Cyber Risk Governance approach

by Matthias Reinwarth

... as well as requirements from compliance and governance have resulted in various ... cyber risk governance. There are many isolated efforts for compliance or cyber ... aiming at improving their overall governance, compliance and security maturity by implementing ... Compass: Access Governance - 70735  Advisory Note: Sustainable Infrastructures through IT Compliance – 72025 ...   Executive View: TechDemocracy CRS&G Cyber Risk Governance Services ...

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Risk. The New Compliance

by Martin Kuppinger

... the top myth around governance, risk and compliance. And I will also ... risk management solutions for governance, risk and compliance programs. Our purpose built ... address some misconceptions about governance, risk and compliance that often lead also ... . A lot of people understand governance, risk and compliance as a software category, but ... , which combines security aspects and governance and compliance aspects into one platform ... the whole process. Thinking about governance compliance risk, which we talked about ...


Governance, Risk Management, Compliance

by Martin Kuppinger

GRC (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance) is presently a core topic ... are focusing on Corporate Governance and IT Governance, are asking for ... consists of three parts. Governance is the high-level ... Governance is a part of it, with focus on the IT department. Compliance ... are the major initiatives within Governance. Compliance is about fulfilling regulations. ... measuring, and handling risks.Compliance as well as Risk Management ... level enterprise initiatives especially around compliance reporting and risk management, ...


The business value of Compliance

by Martin Kuppinger

... don't realize the value of Compliance. For sure, if you ... , new applications, And, honestly, Compliance is first of all something ... it from a general "Governance, Risk Management, Compliance"-perspective. There are, especially ... consistent, automated GRC approach. "Manual" Compliance way to expensive. It requires ... there is business value in Compliance. But I'd like to add: ... . From an IT perspective, Governance/Compliance automation is cheaper than manual ... IT likes to argue with Compliance to gain budgets for ...

Leadership Compass

Leadership Compass: Identity Governance and Administration 2022

by Nitish Deshpande

... range of governance use cases. Planned features include a full compliance control integration ... Sign-On (SSO), Identity Governance (IGA), Identity Risk & Compliance (IRC) and Privileged ... user administration capabilities, the Governance and Compliance module combined with the Role ... . Imprivata Identity Governance is a healthcare-specific identity governance and compliance solution purpose-built ... sign-on, and integrated governance and compliance to secure and manage digital ...