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Managing the Cyber Security Technical Debt: How did we get there? And what to do about it?

... 's get started. The, the cyber security technical debt, what are we ... you raise this problem with cyber security professionals, the domain view ... . It results in complex security operational processes. Reversely engineered ... to start to carrying cyber security to end up cutting and ... given the fact that the cyber security industry effectively has been evolving ... decluttering of the cybersecurity landscape, cyber security, technical landscape. I came across a ... because to achieve that cyber security leaders will have to ...

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Model to Quantify Cyber Security Risks

... a model and recommendations to quantify cyber security risks including the costs of ... to calculating the coverage of cyber insurance. This session will not ... in consultancy but also justify cyber security investments. I am happy to introduce ... are doing in terms of cyber security in which we need to ... and outdoors, but also of cyber insurance. We need to have ... to it when we are cyber insurance policy, when we need ... have in if intensive information security. And it's very clear that ...

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How to use the ISO 27002:2022 to model and quantify cyber security risks

... receive - practical recommendations to adjust security controls to address changes in ... , and - a simple spreadsheet to quantify cyber security risks using Monte Carlo Simulations ... tool in order to quantify cyber security risk based on the new ... we need to apply for security parameters for any device, any ... address the quantification of our security risk. That is very important ... , when you are budgeting the cyber security services, the function you need ... , if the investment in the cyber security area is paying off the ...

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Cyber Security Architectures in a Hybrid World

... compliance. Key Topics: IT-security, OT-security, cloud-security Cyber security: from basics, perimeter, air ... Tops and flops in practical cyber security So welcome to my talk ... cloud services. Of course. So cyber security is really difficult in this ... some kind of a mix of cyber security architectures. And as much we ... can't have one for cyber security, all cyber security needs something matching and cloud ... needs more modern cyber security approaches and good service security architectures in chief ...

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The human factor in Cyber Security - Creating a cyber aware culture

Alex Weishaupt, Practice Lead Cyber Security, Morgan Philips So my name ... as well, widespread collaboration in security. Again, not only the ... holds true for security organizations as well. Good security leaders will ... not only positively influence their security team members to dignity, ... to be successful. A good security leader will display many leadership ... within the organization, because security is something that really relates ... , it build a security community and building a security community does not mean ...

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Advisory Note: KRIs and KPI for Cyber Security

by Mike Small

... the challenges of managing cyber security. While the cyber security measures that large scale ... cyber security within the organization. Cyber Security Management Framework (ID.GV) Organizations should adopt a cyber security ... Matrix for Cyber Security) Cyber Security Architecture (ID.GV) A complete and comprehensive cyber security architecture based ... )4.2.3 Governance of Cyber Security (ID.GV)4.2.4 Cyber Security Management Framework (ID.GV)4.2.5 Cyber Security Architecture (ID ...

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Jean-Christophe Gaillard: Cyber Security in the Midst of the COVID Crisis: Key Management Considerations for Large SMEs and Mid-Size Firms

... , you will hear from cyber security thought-leader and Corix Partners ... and greater concerns towards data security, data, privacy, you know, ... surveillance and that increasingly good security and privacy practices. We ... to happen. Good security and good security and privacy practice are ... and, and, and cyber resilience, fundamentally good security and privacy practices ... climate, as I said before, security is an essential activity. Maintaining ... can manage, look at your cyber security posture without complacency focus, ...

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Analyst Chat #5: Beyond prevention - The Bigger Picture of Cyber Security

by Matthias Reinwarth, Christopher Schütze

... at five different phases of cyber security. Welcome to the KuppingerCole ... on the topic areas of cyber security, identity and access management, ... . He is director practice, cyber security here at KuppingerCole. So he ... the bigger picture of cyber security, many organizations consider cyber security as a purely ... the cert or the it security operations and configurations team. ... about the cyber defense centers or also called security operations centers ... look at risk management and cyber security and the way to, ...

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Opening Pandora's Box with FAIR + ATT&CK + SOAR = An Improved Cyber Security Response Strategy

by Tyler Rorabaugh

... get, and why I propose approaching a cyber security response using FAIR + ATT&CK ... of focus around improving their cyber security response strategies for potential ... time within the organization. However, cyber security response activities generally do not ... risk management teams necessarily understand cyber security risks. The primary reason is ... enable organizations to prioritize their cyber security response strategies and process. In ... approach option to improve your cyber security response initiatives using FAIR, ...

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Advisory Note: Maturity Level Matrix for Cyber Security

by Mike Small

... and update your cyber security posture, processes and tools. Why Cyber Security projects need ... no documented responsibility for cyber incident response. Cyber security SI partners suppliers and ... to implement the cyber security control objectives How well the cyber security processes and ... Level Matrixes for cyber security, and covers: Organization / Business cyber security Maturity Cyber security Technology Maturity ... no documented responsibility for cyber incident response. Cyber security related risks are managed ...