Product Report: SailPoint IdentityIQ 5.2 - 70287

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SailPoint is one of the pioneers in the emerging market for Access Governance. The company was founded in 2005 by a group of executives with long experience in IAM (Identity and Access Management) as well as in the general IT market.

SailPoint is a company that started focusing exclusively on a platform that provides what they describe as “Identity Governance”. Designated “IdentityIQ,” the product belongs to the category of so-called “Access Governance” tools, which themselves form a relatively new segment within the markets for GRC (Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance) and IAM (Identity and Access Management). However, SailPoint has expanded the product set to address the Identity Provisioning market, based on its own technology and the BMC Control-SA connector infrastructure that SailPoint acquired.

SailPoint IdentityIQ is a web-based solution that uses a web/application server and database as backend systems. The product consists of three main layers:

  • The Compliance Manager and the Lifecycle Manager modules, along with generic Identity Intelligence capabilities, form the top layer and represent the interface to the business user.
  • The Governance Platform lies at the heart of the product and hosts the common set of features required by other components, including enterprise role and policy models.
  • SailPoint’s proprietary provisioning engine, as well as the ability to use provisioning products of other vendors, form the bottom layer.

SailPoint offers a flexible license model for all of these modules which can be adapted to the requirements of the customer.

In our opinion, SailPoint IdentityIQ is a comprehensive solution for Access Governance as well as for Identity Provisioning, providing a single point of control for different types of regulations and applications with strong recertification capabilities plus the added capabilities of user lifecycle management and access fulfillment. In the Access Governance market segment, IdentityIQ is one of the most sophisticated products available, reflecting this vendor’s grasp of the needs of business users. Additional strong points are the interfaces which can be used intuitively by business users, as well as a high level of technical integration.

In our view, SailPoint IdentityIQ should be included in any shortlist of platforms for Access Governance under evaluation, as well as in situations where companies are thinking about investing in “access warehouse” solutions as repositories for access rights across different systems. In cases of companies looking for an access request management solution, IdentityIQ can also be interesting, providing as it is a potentially far more efficient alternative to custom-built solutions, with the additional plus of enhanced functions such as policy controls and attestation/certification workflows.
A particular strength of IdentityIQ is that it combines mature Access Governance capabilities with Identity Provisioning, leaving the customer a flexible choice of how to address his provisioning needs. This is especially interesting in scenarios where customers want to replace existing legacy provisioning solutions at their own pace, with using an Access Governance tool as an integration layer. IdentityIQ supports this approach by flexibly supporting own and other provisioning technologies.

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Oct 21, 2011

Product Report: SailPoint IdentityIQ 5.2 - 70287

SailPoint is one of the pioneers in the emerging market for Access Governance. The company was founded in 2005 by a group of executives with long experience in IAM (Identity and Access Management) as well as in the general IT market. SailPoint is a company that started focusing exclusively…

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