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London, UK and Wiesbaden, Germany, November 2013 - The United Kingdom’s and Scandinavian continuing fight against identity-based “cybercrime” takes a leap forwards today as internationally renowned Identity and Access Management (IAM) specialist Peter Cummings joins forces with Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and IT Security specialist Rob Newby to form KuppingerCole Analysts UK Ltd, a local subsidiary of KuppingerCole. KuppingerCole UK Ltd will also service the Scandinavian Market with Identity related Services.

KuppingerCole Analysts UK is taking an ethical and personal approach to advisory. “Large consultancies often use junior resources on extended projects once seniors have impressed enough to win valuable business,” says Rob Newby, “but decision makers are wise to this now, jaded even. My clients certainly know they need professional resources, and when they get a good service they come back for more. We’re keen to make sure KC clients get the professional service they deserve. Very simply we aim to build long-term mutually-beneficial partnerships and not the usual consultancy-client relationship.”

The need for KuppingerCole Analysts UK has only been confirmed by recent events: “When looking at the potential impact the recent US Sooping Scandal (PRISM) can have on UK or Scandinavian companies, it is clear to me that there is a need for Business to have a partner with whom they can formulate a strategy to ensure that confidential data remains just that – confidential, while ensuring that that identities cannot be abused or stolen” says Peter Cummings, “The PRISM revelations are only one issue in the complex landscape of Privacy, Identity and Access Management and Governance, Risk and Compliance. UK and Scandinavian organisations should be allowed to focus on their core business. What we offer is a partnership to ensure that their IT Security is relevant, sufficient and up to date. You could say we are your IT Security Department on-call on-demand.”

Martin Kuppinger, Founder and Principal Analyst emphasised this approach: “KuppingerCole’s customers get the professional service they require and nothing more – we don’t sell weeks of advisory where a day is all that’s needed. But we also won’t give anything less – all of our analysts and advisers are leaders in their chosen specialist fields. We don’t backfill with juniors, because we don’t employ juniors.”

KuppingerCole is an established Information Security analyst firm, renowned around the world for the European Identity and Cloud (EIC) conferences held in Munich since 2006. The company announced the opening of the UK office from headquarters in Wiesbaden, Germany today as the start of a global expansion. The move into the UK started late last year when Peter Cummings joined the German team as an analyst, covering the region from his London base. KuppingerCole UK is set to serve the company's growing number of local customers.

Peter Cummings joins KuppingerCole with a long background in Identity and Access Management having worked in areas spanning development to Programme Management. He has worked in numerous verticals in countries around the globe. Peter has gained the majority of his experience from the financial sector, specialising in vision, strategy development and guidance.

Rob Newby comes to KuppingerCole with a background as Director of Product Management at a security software house in Spain and running an enterprise security consultancy in the UK. More recently Rob has been involved in risk management and security architecture of Her Majesty’s Passport Office account at CSC. Peter and Rob are Managing Partners in KuppingerCole UK Ltd.

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