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Comment: New Meaning of “Hacking your TV”

Wiesbaden, April 13th, 2015 – Last week the French television network TV5Monde was attacked by a group of hackers claiming to belong to Islamic State. They have disrupted broadcasts and hacked the websites and social media accounts of the French TV channel. According to Alexei Balaganski, Senior Analyst at the independent analyst company KuppingeCole, this only confirms that the struggle between hackers and corporate security teams is fundamentally asymmetrical. “Regardless of its size and budgets, no company is safe from such attacks simply because a security team has...

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KuppingerCole’s Top Cyber Threats - How to protect your Business

Wiesbaden, April 09th, 2015 – Cyber threats are leaving even large and well established businesses exposed to significant business risks, such as damage to brand and reputation, and massive financial losses and fines. KuppingerCole recently published an Advisory Note authored by Amar Singh, Senior Analyst at KuppingerCole, which discusses the most critical threats and tactical countermeasures that can help organizations understand and counter these threats.

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