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One Identity named Leader in PAM and IAM by KuppingerCole

One Identity has announced it was named a Leader in KuppingerCole’s 2019 Leadership Compass for Privileged Access Management (PAM) report.   This recognition follows One Identity’s placement as Leader in KuppingerCole’s recent Leadership Compass for Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) report.  To compose the 2019 Leadership Compass PAM report, KuppingerCole lead analyst Anmol Singh evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of the 20 solution providers considered most significant in the PAM market. The report states, “One Identity...

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Time to start thinking about AI regulation, says KuppingerCole

It is too early to start regulating artificial intelligence (AI) because there is not even a common definition or sufficient understanding of it, but it is not too early to start thinking about it and working towards a global consensus, says Karsten Kinast , legal expert and fellow analyst at KuppingerCole. “If we are to ensure that AI is able to bring the maximum benefit to society, we need to ensure that regulation is introduced as soon as practically possible and before it is too late, otherwise we run the risk of ending up with a mixture of ineffective, disjointed...

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Cloud und Identity Security: DIE Trends der kommenden Monate

Identity Management und Cloud Computing sind untrennbar miteinander verbunden, wenn es darum geht, Governance-Konzepte für den Betrieb von Systemen in öffentlichen Cloudumgebung zu entwickeln und umzusetzen. Die Nutzung von Plattformdiensten in Providerrechenzentren erfordert ein Umdenken bei Architekten, Administratoren und Sicherheits-Verantwortlichen sowie die Entwicklung neuer Werkzeuge, um einen sicheren und effizienten Betrieb gewährleisten zu können. Big Data zum Sammeln und Machine Learning/AI zum automatisierten Auswerten von System-Protokollen gehören...

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Microservices introduce hidden security complexity, analyst warns

Companies are rushing to climb aboard the microservices bandwagon, but they are not doing it for security reasons, warns Alexei Balaganski , lead analyst at KuppingerCole. “They are doing it for agility, reducing time to market, simplifying deployment and scalability in the cloud, which are all important, but they are not thinking about security at all,” he told Computer Weekly. When it comes to developing applications for new business functionality or revenue, said Balaganski, security is either not a priority or security teams are still working in isolation...

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AI for the Future of your Business: Effective, Safe, Secure & Ethical Everything we admire, love, need to survive, and that brings us further in creating a better future with a human face is and will be a result of intelligence. Synthesizing and amplifying our human intelligence have therefore the potential of leading us into a new era of prosperity like we have not seen before, if we succeed keeping AI Safe, Secure and Ethical. Since the very beginning of industrialization, and even before, we have been striving at structuring our work in a way that it becomes accessible for [...]