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Your Complete List of Compliance Insights as GDPR Enforcement Starts

After a long, tense buildup from the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) two years ago, the European Union begins enforcement today. What does this mean for your business? If you collect data from European Union (EU) residents, the burden is now on you to meet these strict consumer privacy and data protection requirements. For instance, you could be found in violation of EU law if you: Can’t show explicit consent from consumers for the use of their personal data Haven’t deleted data you don’t have consent to collect, process, or store...

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Impressions from European Identity & Cloud Conference 2018

Technology meets Legal, Standards meets Best Practices, Vision meets Reality. All this happens when KuppingerCole Analysts calls together the Identity Community to meet at the 12th European Identity and Cloud Conference (EIC) in Munich from 15th-18th May 2018. It is the leading Identity and Access Management event in Europe and probably in the world with more than 800 participants and 60 exhibitors, attracting identity enthusiasts from all over the world even from Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Not very surprisingly the big topics of the conference have been, on the one side...

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TrustBuilder intensiviert Vertriebs- und Vermarktungsaktivitäten

"Die digitale Transformation ist kein Schlagwort mehr, sondern Realität und sie erfordert Sicherheitslösungen, die diesen Transformationsprozess unterstützen", sagt Marc Vanmaele, CEO bei TrustBuilder . Das Unternehmen, das im vergangenen Dezember aus dem Systemintegrator SecurIT hervorgegangen ist, hat sich auf die Weiterentwicklung und Vermarktung der IAM-Lösung TrustBuilder Identity Hub spezialisiert. IAM ist die Abkürzung für Identity und Access Management (IAM).

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News ESET wins Leadership in Enterpise Security Award

ESET has been awarded the highest designation in the Innovation, Product, Market and Overall Leader categories in the 2018 Kuppinger Cole Leadership Compass Enterprise Endpoint Security: Anti-Malware Solutions. The annual report by Kuppinger Cole, examines the key vendors in the Enterprise Endpoint Security market, with a special focus given to Enterprise Anti-Malware Solutions. In this evaluation, Kuppinger Cole assesses product and service functionality, innovation and the relative market share of each vendor evaluated in the annual report. In the “Innovation...

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AI for the Future of your Business: Effective, Safe, Secure & Ethical Everything we admire, love, need to survive, and that brings us further in creating a better future with a human face is and will be a result of intelligence. Synthesizing and amplifying our human intelligence have therefore the potential of leading us into a new era of prosperity like we have not seen before, if we succeed keeping AI Safe, Secure and Ethical. Since the very beginning of industrialization, and even before, we have been striving at structuring our work in a way that it becomes accessible for [...]