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Integrated Solution, Patents, Awards, and Industry Distinctions Punctuate SecureAuth’s Industry Leadership and Innovation

SecureAuth , the leader in continuous identity security, today announced several significant developments that demonstrate the company’s continued influence and growth in the cybersecurity industry. These include: The launch of SecureAuth Password Management, an integrated solution that combines technology from SecureAuth IdP and Core Password to deliver a low-friction, self-service experience The granting of three U.S. patents Multiple industry awards and widespread praise for SecureAuth IdP and Core Access Insight Designation as a leader in Product and Innovation in...

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SecureAuth IdP Continues Leadership Adding Significant Adaptive Access Control Enhancements

SecureAuth , the leader in continuous identity security, announced two significant enhancements to the award-winning SecureAuth IdP adaptive access control solution today at Intersection 2018: the introduction of machine learning, and identity governance as part of i ts adaptive risk analysis. Machine learning capabilities find anomalies and inconsistencies over time to eliminate identity-based threats, while the intersection of access control and identity governance technology identifies and monitors privileged account access, taking direct action to protect targeted...

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Ubisecure updates Identity Platform to extend support for federated ID workflows

Swedish customer identity and access management (CIAM) company Ubisecure has launched a new version of its Identity Platform, which includes a new Authentication Adapter to extend support for “bring your own identity” workflows. Businesses can deploy Ubisecure technology in the cloud or on-premises to leverage existing verified and strong digital identities. Government registries and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes used by regulated businesses such as banks and telecoms act as trusted sources of identity verification. The new Authentication Adapter provides...

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6 Reasons Why SIEMs Aren’t a Security Analytics Tool

Given all the vendor- and analyst-speak in the security space, it’s often difficult for organizations to know the difference between the marketing hype and reliable technology information. Case in point: some vendors in the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) space claim that their products and services provide security analytics, when in fact their offerings only provide advanced rules-based searches on log data. SIEM software products and services combine security information management (SIM) and security event management (SEM). They provide real-time analysis of...

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We Need to Stop Killing Passwords

Conference season is in full force and it’s no surprise that along with them, prognostications about the death of passwords abounds. Security professionals and marketing gurus alike share a passion for talking about a future without passwords. And who can blame them? Since 2004, when Bill Gates predicted the demise of passwords at an RSA Security conference, it seems that the chants and prayers for passwords to die have only become louder and more desperate each year. The reality is that passwords have not only exploded in their popularity and practicality, but their use is...

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What is CIAM? The ForgeRock Approach

Our recent big news is that the ForgeRock Identity Platform now features an interactive profile and privacy dashboard that will make it easier for you to come into compliance with the EU’s General Data Privacy Regulation. (Check out our demo to see how it works). There are so many new capabilities built into the platform, however, that we weren’t able to fit everything into the press release , so let's talk dive a little deeper into our customer identity and access management (CIAM) technology. What's New With Our CIAM Technology With ForgeRock, retailers,...

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