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Customer IAM as Seen Through the Eyes of KuppingerCole

The fact that customer experience is the new competitive battleground is no longer news. Building engaging customer experiences is becoming an important digital business initiative for enterprises all over the world. However, the architecture that supports these experiences must be scalable and secure, and and it must ensure compliance with privacy regulations. These requirements are driven by a number of factors including increased competition from brands that are building engaging customer experiences, diverse privacy regulations across industries and geographies and a growing number of...

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Strategien für eine adaptive Authentifizierung

PSD2, die European Payment Services Directive soll Kunden bei Online-Zahlungen besser schützen, bei Zahlungen über europäische Grenzen hinweg mehr Sicherheit bieten und die Entwicklung und Nutzung von innovativen mobilen und Online-Zahlungen fördern. Damit hat die ab dem 13.01.2018 wirksame EU-Direktive auch unmittelbare Auswirkungen auf die IT-Sicherheit bei den betroffenen Payment-Providern. Für Zahlungsdienstleister lassen sich im Wesentlichen drei Themenblöcke identifizieren, die beachtet und für die geeignete Lösung umgesetzt werden...

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PATECCO Takes Part as a Silver Sponsor in EIC 2017

For the third time the  Identity and Access Management company  - PATECCO - will be a silver sponsor and exhibitor at the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2017, organised by Kuppingercole. It takes place May 09 – 12, 2017 at the Dolce Ballhaus Forum Unterschleissheim, Munich, Germany. EIC 2017  is known as Europe’s leading event for Identity and Access Management (IAM), Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC), as well as Cloud Security. The Conference also provides world class list of thought leaders and experts providing a unique mix of best...

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Ganzheitliche Sicherheit für ein digitales Wirtschaftswunder

Über eine Milliarde Dollar pro Jahr investiert Microsoft in den Bereich Sicherheit, um seine Kunden bestmöglich zu schützen. Hierbei verfolgen wir einen  einheitlichen Ansatz , um eine umfassende Sicherheitslösung zu bieten, die sowohl Pre-Breach- als auch Post-Breach-Maßnahmen integriert. Microsofts  ganzheitlicher Sicherheitsansatz  bietet Firmenkunden gezielte Angebote zum Schutz von  Geräten ,  Identitäten ,  Apps und Daten  sowie der  Infrastruktur . Das Besondere: Die Technologien werden kombiniert...

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Cybercrime auf der Spur: Microsofts digitale Detektive

Cybersicherheit ist eines der wichtigsten Themen unserer Zeit. Die „digitale Revolution“ verändert unsere Lebens- und Arbeitswelt auf nachhaltige Weise. So bietet die Digitalisierung einzigartige Möglichkeiten für Wachstum und Zukunftsfähigkeit, mit der exponentiellen Vernetzung wächst aber auch die potentielle Angriffsfläche von Unternehmen wie Kunden. Jeden Tag werden weltweit circa  eine Millionen Menschen Opfer  von Cyberkriminalität – pro Sekunde trifft es 12 Menschen, die gerade online sind. Schadsoftware kostet der...

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Preparing for “The Year of the Customer”

In 2017, the most successful companies will figure out how to combine data protection and security with true customer personalization. Gigya CEO, Patrick Salyer shares five predictions that will help businesses improve customer interactions and prepare for “the year of the customer” Customer identity management has become a critical focus for nearly every marketing team in every industry. A solution that allows marketers to convert anonymous online visitors into known customers is a major advantage to your organization and the linchpin that sets you apart from the...

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ForgeRock an Innovation Leader in KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Adaptive Authentication

We’re excited to share that ForgeRock has been named an Innovation Leader in the latest  KuppingerCole  Leadership Compass for Adaptive Authentication. Adaptive authentication, called  ‘Adaptive Risk’  in the ForgeRock Identity Platform, leverages contextual information including time of day, location, and if the request is from a known device to assess the risk of connections and apply the proper policies. This allows organizations to have greater control over the conditions in which they allow access to a resource. Adaptive authentication...

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Leadership Compass: Database Security - 70970 - KuppingerCole

The emergence and prominence of bitcoin and its underlying technology Blockchain with open source, real-time payments capabilities and without centralized regulatory authority has sparked the Financial Services industry into exploring how Blockchain technology might be applied to mainstream banking and insurance sectors. Blockchain technology goes further than just a distributed ledger. Another initiative gaining acceptance is Smart Contracts that use computer protocols to facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract or that obviate the need for a...

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APAC banks warming up to big data

Financial institutions in the APAC region fear they may be left behind if they don’t embrace big data While global banks in Asia-Pacific (APAC) have been adopting big data in droves, more local banks in the region are now doing so to gain a “second-mover advantage”, according to a senior executive from Cloudera. Without naming specific banks, Cloudera’s financial services industry lead Steve Totman said the smaller banks in APAC now know that they need to embrace big data to  detect fraud  and  gain deeper consumer insights . The drivers for...

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Banking customers want more biometrics than what banks are offering, says KuppingerCole

Banking customers want more biometric authentication systems than what is currently being offered by their banks, according to a study by  KuppingerCole .  Customers want to use the device of their choice and an authentication process they are familiar with, for example built-in biometrics, or an approach which is convenient to them, says KuppingerCole. The analyst adds that the lack of support for adaptive authentication and biometrics “stands in stark contrast to this expectation”. The KuppingerCole study, The Future of Banking...

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