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KuppingerCole introduces new research format tailored for executives – the Leadership Brief

The independent Analyst Company KuppingerCole introduces a new research format that is tailored for executives. The KuppingerCole Leadership Brief provides condensed research and advice for executives and decision makers in organizations. The 2pg documents cover business challenges, and advice on how to address these, focusing on the key issues and allowing decision makers to quickly grasp both challenge and resolution.

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KuppingerCole: Mobile working is insecure – How you can change it

Last Friday the article “Spooks tell business: Consider stripping staff of smart phones to avoid cyber-attacks” was published at The Telegraph. It talks about staff being the ‘weakest link’ and raises the prospect of staff being blackmailed by spies. The warnings were contain in the UK government’s cyber initiatives the Ten Steps to Cyber Security (Ten Steps) and their more recent Cyber Essentials.

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Comment: The four critical success factors for “d!conomy” – manage your digital risk

This year’s CeBIT runs under the headline of “d!conomy”, an artificial term covering major business and IT trends such as the digital transformation of businesses and “Industry 4.0”, which stands for connected manufacturing being fully integrated with business processes and far more adaptive than ever before. There is no doubt that organizations have to rethink not only their product offerings but their business models in this age of digital transformation, with the IoT (Internet of Things) adding billions of connected devices and virtually everything else...

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EU Council promotes ignorance and backwardness in IT security in the e-government by rejecting the obligation to report for the public sector in cyber attacks

No obligation to report for the public sector in cyber attacks. The EU Council (Council of the European Union, EU Council of Ministers) last week opposed the plan of the EU Commission that was also endorsed by the European Parliament in which the proposed directive for network and information security, including an obligation to report security-related incidents also for authorities, is anchored. This information was released yesterday by Statewatch, a civil rights organisation. However, operators, including those of Internet exchange points, online providers of payment and e-commerce,...

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The Limits of Efficiency

For the first time in its history, SAP is offering severance packages to employees as it transforms its business to the cloud, which allows it to deliver services more efficiently and with fewer people. But opportunity continues to abound, SAP says, for those eager to take the leap.

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AI for the Future of your Business: Effective, Safe, Secure & Ethical Everything we admire, love, need to survive, and that brings us further in creating a better future with a human face is and will be a result of intelligence. Synthesizing and amplifying our human intelligence have therefore the potential of leading us into a new era of prosperity like we have not seen before, if we succeed keeping AI Safe, Secure and Ethical. Since the very beginning of industrialization, and even before, we have been striving at structuring our work in a way that it becomes accessible for [...]