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Infosec 2040 – Neural Implants Hacked

What does the future hold for IT security? That was the question I was asked to address in my talk to the 50 th  anniversary meeting of the BCS IRMA (Information Risk Management and Assurance) group.  Here are some thoughts on the evolution of information security over the next 25 years made with help from the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway. Making predictions is always difficult and experts are notoriously poor at this.  When we make predictions we often look through a mirror at the past rather than through a telescope into the future.  Nevertheless...

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How to secure banking transactions with mobile devices, if at all possible

Clearly, banking with your smartphone is quick and handy. But  again and again , we hear about huge breaches of mobile banking transactions. Greedy hackers are becoming more and more aggressive and their attacks more elaborated. Is there still a way to make mobile transactions relatively secure?  Often  mobileTAN is being praised  as a safe and flexible alternative to online banking with transaction authentication numbers on paper. However, no mobile system today is completely secure, not even iOS. Breaking it might cost a little bit more effort and money than with...

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