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Time to move the discussion past authentication

A couple of notes I read last week seemed to go together so nicely that I thought I'd share hem with you in hopes of stimulating your own thought processes. One came from a discussion of the LinkedIn cloud computing group while the other was a blog post by old friend Martin Kuppinger...

By Dave Kearns 27 October 2009
Network World

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Identity in the cloud

I spent a pleasant hour talking with Martin Kuppinger (of Kuppinger Cole + Partner) about "Externalizing Identity into the Cloud: Identity Services in Cloud and Outsourcing Environments" -- and we even had a surprise guest.

By Dave Kearns 24 July 2009
Network World

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EIC 2009, and a New Focus on Identity in the Cloud

From May 5th to May 8th I attended the 3rd European Identity Conference (EIC). As a testimonial on the front page says, it was “a wonderful and informative event, well run and useful in so many ways.” (If I quote a page quoting me, is that recursion or delegation?) I attended the first two EICs and, while I greatly enjoyed them, each conference has been better than the last. EIC strikes a good balance between providing a forward looking vision of what identity management technology should provide for business, and what practical solutions are available now. By Dale Olds 03...

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Recognizing standards

One of the highlights of the recent European Identity Conference was the conferring of the European Identity Awards, which recognize outstanding projects, innovations and additional developments in standards -- an area that should get even more recognition.

By Dave Kearns 19 May 2009
Network World

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The regional, cultural and national differences of identity management

Last week's European Identity Conference was, as always, a wonderful look at not only European advances in identity management, but what's happening worldwide. I had the opportunity to host panel discussions that included people from Germany, Holland, Sweden, Norway, France, Italy, the U.K., Belgium, Canada, the U.S., Australia and India. It's a wonderful way to discover that although identity management theory is pretty much the same the whole world over, the practice, or implementation, of that theory has many regional, cultural and national differences. By Dave Kearns 13 May 2009...

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Heady days at EIC in Munich

What a week… Along with lots of other people in the identosphere, I had a great opportunity to attend the Kuppinger Cole European Identity Conference in Munich all last week. Here are some stories, impressions, and links.

By Eve Maler 12 May 2009
Blog Eve Maler

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ICF Achievements at the EIC

This week the Information Card Foundation marked two significant developments at the European Identity Conference: the formation of the German-language chapter of the ICF, and receiving the European Identity Award for Best New Standard.

By Mike Jones 10 May 2009
Blog Mike Jones

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EIC 2009

Just back from another fine European ID Conference in Munich. The combination of the venue (the Forum at the Deutsches Museum), the speakers and our great hosts from Kuppinger-Cole + Partner (Martin, Tim, Joerg, Felix, Sebastian, Levent, Gabi, Bettina and all their cohorts) makes this an event ne plus ultra.

By Dave Kearns 10 May 2009
The Virtual Quill

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Project Aristotle Wins EIC Award

I am happy to announce that Project Aristotle won an award for “Best new or improved standard” at the European Identity Conference. The win is shared with the Open Authentication (OAuth) and the Information Card Foundation (ICF).

By ArisId 08 May 2009

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European Identity Conference 2009

This year I finally have a chance of attending the European Identity Conference in Munich. I would have been already delighted to go there just as attendee, the lineup of speakers is phenomenal and the chances of good networking appear really promising.

By Vittorio Bertocci April 8th, 2009

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Identity management in Western Europe is alive and well

Because I'm based in California's Silicon Valley, a long stone's throw from Oracle HQ and surrounded by dozens of identity management vendors, my view of the global marketplace can be skewed. While I try to make up for this by visiting conferences and trade shows outside the United States (I’ll be at the European ID Conference in Munich this May), I do rely on readers and friends to keep me posted about things of interest in their areas. Today, we'll hear from one identity management player in Western Europe who has reported on the state of the industry there. By Dave...

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Making a case to the board

Proving security's worth is not always the easiest job. Once you've invested in systems, trained staff, secured the perimeter, secured the interior, put in monitoring and maintenance programmes, chosen what, if anything, to outsource, run penetration tests and more, what's the result? No-one gives out their password on the phone, catches a virus on their PC, leaves unencrypted data on the train or suffers any kind of a security breach. If all goes right, nothing happens.

By Rob Buckley 12 Jan. 2009
SC Magazine Australia/NZ

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