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Building an Identity Bus, Part 2

Thoughts on how to move the Identity Bus forward Last time out I told you about an informal discussion I had with Microsoft's Kim Cameron, Novell's Dale Olds, Quest's Jackson Shaw hosted by Kuppinger-Cole's Felix Gaehtgens all about the so-called "Identity Bus." I said that we reached a conclusion about the best way to move forward, but perhaps it's better to say we identified a couple of paths that might be worth taking. By Dave Kearns 05 May 2008 Network World

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Building an Identity Bus, Part 1

Identity Bus discussion at the European Identity Conference One of the most interesting "panel discussions" I had at the European Identity Conference didn't have anyone in the audience. Kuppinger & Cole senior analyst Felix Gaehtgens gathered Microsoft's Kim Cameron, Quest's Jackson Shaw (former colleagues at Zoomit) and Novell's Dale Olds for a video interview (which may or may not show up at the KCP Web site) about the "Identity Bus" . By Dave Kearns 05 May 2008 Network World

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Putting Context in Identity

An overview of some panel discussions from the 2nd annual European Identity Conference I had a wonderful time at last week's 2nd annual European Identity Conference in Munich. Martin Kuppinger and his crew at Kuppinger Cole + Partner for putting on an excellent conference, one which I highly recommend you add to your calendar for next year. I'd also like to thank the great guys who put themselves in harm's way (well, harm to their reputations) by participating in the three hour long panel sessions I moderated on the general topic of "Putting Context in Identity." By Dave...

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European Identity Awards

The recent European Identity Conference 2008 featured the presentation of Kuppinger Cole’s European Identity Awards. Vendors, integrators, consultants and user companies were asked for nominations. For each category, three outstanding projects and innovations were nominated as finalists. Here is how Kuppinger Cole framed the results:

By Kim Cameron 29 April 2008
Kim Cameron´s Identity Weblog

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Virtual Corporate Business Cards

Martin Kuppinger is one of the key analysts behind the amazing European Identity Conference just held in Munich.  This was "User Centric Meets Enterprise Identity Management" with a twist: our European colleagues have many things to contribute to the discussion about how they fit together...

By Kim Cameron 27 April 2008
Kim Cameron´s Identity Weblog

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Context in identity

Sessions worth attending at the 2nd annual European Identity Conference

Today I want to talk about a company I mentioned a year ago, with all intentions of telling you more about them. But even as I try to get them into today's newsletter, there's a timely issue to tell you about first, especially if you're in Munich this week for the 2nd annual European Identity Conference.

By Dave Kearns 24 April 2008
Network World

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ID management enters the application stack

Businesses are looking to simplify the process of managing identities, according to analysts The complexity of managing governance, risk and compliance (GRC) activities is driving firms to integrate identity and role management into the application stack. According to analyst group Kuppinger Cole & Partners, identity management and role management have become so fundamental to enterprises' ability to manage GRC that business leaders are looking at new ways to simplify the process. Gareth Morgan, IT Week 12 March 2008 Personal Computer World

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Analyst: Open-ID ist eine Business-Technologie

Web-Single-Sign-on ist auch für Firmen interessant

Analysten begrüßen den nahenden Durchbruch bei der Webregistrierungs-Technik Open-ID. Sie wird zwar derzeit vor allem im Blog-Umfeld eingesetzt, birgt aber auch Business-Potenziale. Dazu muss die Technologie für das User-centric Identity Management aber noch reifen.

Autor: Armin Barnitzke 14.02.2008
Computer Zeitung

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