Article on "Cloud Computing – a Security Risk?" from Martin Kuppinger available

Duesseldorf March, 04th, 2010 - Martin Kuppinger is Co-Founder and Principal Analyst of Kuppinger Cole. He has written an article entitled “Cloud Computing – a Security Risk?” in which he explores the various and often conflicting definitions of the “Cloud” before turning to the complicated, but vitally important question of cloud security. According to Mr. Kuppinger, cloud computing is at best a “calculated risk”, at least as long as certain strategic preconditions are met, which he describes in detail.

The article is 1.250 words long and is available for immediate publication. Please contact me if you are interested. I will send you the full text as soon as possible and assist you if you require anything else (such as a picture of the author).

Our analysts regularly write articles and commentaries on a wide range of topics in the areas of identity & access management (IAM) governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) and cloud computing. Should you be interested in publishing an article on a specific aspect of one of these subjects which would be of interest to your readers, I will be glad arrange for one of our analysts to write it for you.

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