New Trend Report „Hidden Gems 2010“ from analyst group Kuppinger Cole available

Duesseldorf, July 06th 2010 – This report covers vendors which are, from the KuppingerCole perspective, Hidden Gems in the markets which we are analyzing. The “Hidden Gems” are vendors which are relatively small and innovative.

They might be established in a specific country (being sort of “world famous in Italy”) but not that visible beyond that country. They might be successful only in a specific industry but provide products and services that are of value for many other industries. But all of them have a clear unique selling proposition and are definitely innovative. And all of them provide solutions which provide, from the KuppingerCole perspective, real business value also from a mid- and long-term perspective.

There are many other interesting innovations by more established vendors. Microsoft’s U-Prove, HID on the desktop, and many other new ideas and concepts KuppingerCole definitely like. However, this report covers the vendors which are not yet stars in the worldwide IAM, GRC, and Cloud markets but have the potential to gain that status in the foreseeable future.

It is in the nature of grinding Hidden Gems that some will not become the sparkling diamonds KuppingerCole expect today. Some will become acquired. However, there are strong opportunities in selecting products and services of innovative, young vendors – of the Hidden Gems.

Vendors covered in the analysis in the area of Identity and Access Management

Avoco Secure
Multifactor Corporation
Open Limit
RM5 Software
SCM Micro
Titus Labs
Tufin (IT Security)
Völcker Informatik

Vendors covered in the analysis in the area of GRC

Engiweb Security

Vendors covered in the analysis in the area of Cloud Computing

Multifactor Corporation

The report gives a quick overview on every selected company, covering the particular strengths of the vendor and thus the reason why KuppingerCole have selected that vendor for this report.

Should you require a copy of the report for editorial reasons, please contact us. We request specimen copies of publications, which refer to our reports and studies.

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