KuppingerCole (Asia Pacific) formed as part of Global KuppingerCole Analyst Team

Wiesbaden, Singapore & Gold Coast (Australia), November 8, 2013 – KuppingerCole today announces the formation of an exciting new development in the KuppingerCole history leveraging the capability of the KuppingerCole Research and Analyst team to companies and organizations in the Asia Pacific and Australasian markets. This announcement is that KuppingerCole Analysts have formed a Joint Venture with Australia's leading vendor independent Identity & Access Management (IAM) consulting company Internet Commerce Australia (www.inca.com.au) to form KuppingerCole (Asia Pacific). The new company will be headquartered in Singapore. This Joint Venture will bring the KuppingerCole Services to new regional markets, providing leading Information Security and IAM expertise through its research and advisory services.

As part of the new company, Graham Williamson CEO and co-founder of Internet Commerce Australia becomes both a Director of KuppingerCole (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd and a member of the global KuppingerCole Analyst team. "We are absolutely delighted to be part of the KuppingerCole family now, and to assist in the global growth of the KuppingerCole ecosystem to both our home markets, in Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia and Hong Kong as well as other emerging markets such as China and South Korea", Graham Williamson says.

Graham Williamson has a very strong background in undertaking Identity & Access Management consultancy projects in such industry sectors as Government, Defense, Health, Airlines, Police Forces and Global Commercial companies. Graham has also led a number of PKI projects as well as Mobile Data projects in the Police & Emergency services. He was also the Senior Architect on the Queensland Smart card based Drivers Licence project. Graham has an MBA from Bond University and a Degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Toronto in Canada. Before founding ICA, Graham Williamson worked for Digital Equipment Corporation in both Australia and Canada, interestingly working with Andrew Nash who recently joined the KuppingerCole Analyst team. "We are very pleased to welcome Graham Williamson onto the KuppingerCole Analyst team and having the support of other team members of ICA into our new venture KuppingerCole (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd. Graham’s knowledge, well thought of experience in Identity and Access Management, and Privacy will give us an excellent basis for growing our KuppingerCole business into a truly global ecosystem ", Martin Kuppinger, Founder and Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole says.

The KuppingerCole Asia Pacific joint venture will allow KuppingerCole to offer all of the KuppingerCole services to existing ICA's customers and new customers throughout their home markets and newer emerging markets. These include Research services and Advisory capabilities. KuppingerCole Asia Pacific will also be running in-region webinars and Experts Seminars, such as the Identity and Access Management Seminar and a Privacy, Security & Governance summit in Major cities across the region. Several summits are currently planned for 2014 in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore & Hong Kong as well as an Annual Asia Pacific Identity & Access Management Experts conference, the first of which will be held in September 2014 in Singapore. Tony Seah has been appointed as General Manager and Local Director based in Singapore.

Joerg Resch, Managing Director at KuppingerCole states:" I am delighted to be on the founding board of the new company in our emerging global business. With the growth of our business into Eastern Europe, the USA, and other parts of Western Europe, this Asia Pacific initiative will drive our business forward as we strive to succeed as the premier vendor independent Research & advisory services company in the Information Security market, including the Identity, Access Management, IT Security, Privacy & Risk Management sectors of Information Technology. The founding Directors of ICA - Graham Williamson & Andrew Ferguson have been regular attendees over the years at our premier conference in Munich and it is a delight to have Graham now as part of the KuppingerCole family".

Joerg Resch will be the Chairman of KuppingerCole (Asia Pacific) in addition to his role as Managing Director at KuppingerCole.

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