KuppingerCole appoints two new Senior Analysts based in Asia Pacific region

Wiesbaden, August 17th, 2015 – The independent Analyst Company KuppingerCole Ltd. has announced the appointment of new Senior Analysts, both based in the Asia Pacific region and working in Advisory Services with Senior Analyst & Director of KuppingerCole (Asia Pacific) Graham Williamson. Both also will provide additional KuppingerCole research.

Robin Anson, based in Melbourne, Australia, joins KuppingerCole after a 30 year career in IT Security. Robin has provided services to private and public enterprise organisations in a range of information security fields including cryptography, identity and access management, security audit, risk management, security governance and cloud services. He is an experienced strategic consultant and implementation manager, and combines a strong technical background with an understanding of business imperatives, strategic organisational objectives and the need to achieve business value. Robin Anson becomes a Senior Analyst in the Asia Pacific team of KuppingerCole with a particular focus on the application of security to business process and the governance of enterprise information systems.

Bruce Hughes, who is based partly in Manila in the Philippines and partly in Melbourne Australia has joined KuppingerCole as a Senior Analyst in the Asia Pacific team. He is responsible for Governance, Risk & Compliance following a long career in the Banking & Financial Services sector. Bruce has over 40 years commercial experience in the IT and Business Management fields. His experience ranges from Banking, Financial Services, Trade & Transportation, Oil & Gas, Automobile Manufacturing to Food Production and Feedlot Management. 

Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst and Founder of KuppingerCole, noted: "As we move from being a European focussed Analyst company in the IT Security, Cloud, Identity & Access Management & Secure Information Sharing space  to a global company, it is imperative to grow our Advisory & Research services delivery capability by  bringing in new people to support that growth. I am thus delighted to bring into our company two very experienced Senior Analysts based in our emerging business in the Asia Pacific region".

"While Robin & Bruce will predominantly be working and supporting our advisory clients in the Asia Pacific region, because of their considerable knowledge and experience in Government (Robin) and Banking & Financial Services (Bruce) we expect  that KuppingerCole global advisory clients will also likely want to access to their expertise” explains Graham Williamson CEO of KuppingerCole (Asia Pacific), who added: “Nevertheless as our Regional Business Development team grow our overall business footprint in the Asia Pacific region it is important that we likewise grow our advisory services delivery capability. For that reason I am delighted to have Bruce & Robin working as part of the KuppingerCole Asia Pacific based Analyst team".

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