New KuppingerCole Reports: Leadership Compass "IAM/IAG Suites" and the Advisory Note "Security and the Internet of Everything and Everyone"

Wiesbaden, November 28th, 2014 – The analyst group KuppingerCole has published two new reports covering the core topics of information security. These are available for download from

Overview and decision support at the same time: with the Leadership Compass IAM/IAG Suites, KuppingerCole introduces an analysis of the offers for integrated, comprehensive solutions for all sub-areas of the Identity and Access Management/Governance. These solutions not only address core topics such as Identity Provisioning or Access Governance, but also, for example, Privilege Management, Enterprise Single Sign-On, Identity Federation and other functional areas. Important evaluation criteria included both the coverage of a wide function spectrum and good technical integration in terms of real suites as opposed to the mere packaging of technically separate solutions. IAM suites are interesting, for example, for medium-sized companies, but also for large companies who want to work with a strategic supplier. The Leadership Compass IAM/IAG Suites supplements the comprehensive series of KuppingerCole Leadership Compass documents on specific segments within the broader IAM/IAG markets.

An extensive analysis of the customer's individual requirements must precede the selection of a suitable IAM/IAG product. To support this process, the Leadership Compass offers an overview of IAM/IAG Suite providers. Here KuppingerCole distinguishes between "Leaders" in four categories:

  • The "Product Leaders" are characterized by outstanding products that deliver superior product functionality in this market segment.
  • The "Market Leaders" have a broad-based, internationally minded customer base with a stable and growing partnership structure.
  • Innovations and product ideas with a promising future that support new challenges in this market segment characterize the "Innovation Leaders".
  • Strengths in all three categories unite the "Overall Leaders", which are based on the positioning of the product, the market presence as well as the product innovations of the manufacturer.

In all four categories, KuppingerCole differentiates between the Leaders, Challengers, and Followers. While the Leaders are classified according to the criteria listed above, KuppingerCole expects steady further development in the existing strengths of the offered products from the Challengers. The group of Followers includes the companies, which still have a need for improvement in the areas under consideration or which have specialized in partial aspects of the subject, and hence are only available for specific customer requests.

The vision for the “Internet of Everything and Everyone” is for more than just an “Internet of Things”; it makes bold promises for the individual as well as for businesses. However the realization of this vision is based on existing systems and infrastructure which contain known weaknesses. Learn more about the topic information security in the age of IoEE in the new KuppingerCole Advisory Note "Security and the Internet of Everything and Everyone".

The new KuppingerCole Leadership Compass and Advisory Note are now available for download from – as are all other KuppingerCole reports.

Journalists may request these documents and all other KuppingerCole analyses from KuppingerCole free of charge. Please send us specimen copies of any published articles or links to online publications referring to our reports.

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