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Wiesbaden, May 28, 2013 – Like in previous years KuppingerCole announced a variety of new Advisory Notes during KuppingerCole’s European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013, which took place in Munich/Germany. Besides various Reports about the winners of the European Identity & Cloud Award which have been given during a festive ceremony at EIC 2013, KuppingerCole also publishes the following Reports.

Advisory Note: Maturity Level Matrixes for Identity and Access Management/Governance, Author: Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst KuppingerCole

The KuppingerCole Maturity Level Matrixes are tools that support reviewing the current state of IT programs and projects. They provide information about levels, descriptive characteristics of these levels, and information about the technologies involved at the various levels. Organizations can use them to compare their current state with these Maturity Level Matrixes and identify the gaps. Notably, achieving the highest level is not necessarily the target for any organization. Organizations have to define which level they need to achieve. Thus, the Matrixes can form an important element not only in a gap analysis but also in defining roadmaps for the future investments in IAM and IAG.

Selecting your Cloud Provider, Author: Mike Small, Fellow Analyst KuppingerCole

The ready availability of cloud services has made it easy for employees and associates to obtain and use these services without consideration of the potential impact on the organization. This report describes how to ensure good governance over the use of cloud services, by creating policies and processes for their procurement. 

IAM Projects: Typical Risks and Pitfalls, Author: Rob Newby, Senior Analyst KuppingerCole

Previous failures in IAM projects have often created reticence within businesses to invest in new projects or programmes of work. When seeking budget for a new IAM deployment it is vital to address the risks head-on and show how these can be avoided. This Advisory Note outlines the risks, the issues which cause them and how they can be avoided.

Big Data and Information Stewardship, Author: Mike Small, Fellow Analyst KuppingerCole

Big Data provides many opportunities to solve emerging business challenges and Big Data technologies can create business value. However Big Data also creates security challenges that need to be considered by organizations adopting or using Big Data techniques and technologies. This report outlines the information security risks involved in Big Data and recommends the responses to these based on the concepts of information stewardship and information centric security. 

KuppingerCole Top Trends 2013-2014 - IAM/IAG, Cloud, Privacy, Authors: Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst; Dave Kearns, Senior Analyst; Craig Burton, Distinguished Analyst KuppingerCole

As in the past years, KuppingerCole has worked out the Top Trends in IAM/IAG (Identity and Access Management/Governance), Cloud Computing, and Information Protection and Privacy. The most important trends are the massive increase in demand for support of the “Extended Enterprise” in IAM/IAG, the cloud stratification in various layers, increasing threats imposed by the rise of cybercrime, and the emergence of Life Management Platforms. In this Advisory Note, KuppingerCole names the five top trends for each area.

From Big Data to Smart Information, Author: Mike Small, Fellow Analyst KuppingerCole

There is now an enormous quantity of data which exists in a wide variety of forms and is being generated very quickly. Big Data in itself has no meaning and no value. Smart Information is Big Data analyzed to make it useful to transform products, improve planning and optimize operations. This Analyst note describes the characteristics of Big Data and the tools and technologies that are available to process, analyze and store Big Data. It describes a number of publicly available examples of how organizations are using Smart Information derived from Big Data to manage risk, improve planning, optimize operational efficiency and monitor their brand. It sets out the major information security concerns around Big Data and provides some recommendations and precautions cautions relating to its use.

Should you require a copy of one or more of these reports or any other advisory note, which are available here for editorial reasons please contact us. We request specimen copies of publications, which refer to our reports and studies.

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