KuppingerCole presents the Prime Time for the Next Generation of IAM Solutions

Wiesbaden, May 07th, 2015 – When it comes to security for the digital enterprise, there are good reason to get nervous, understanding current breaches like the recent attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment as signs of a dark and scary future, where cyber criminals and even terrorists lurk and create serious damage.

Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst and founder of analyst company KuppingerCole, unveiled in the latest session at the European Identity and Cloud Conference the new potential of the next generation of IAM solutions in the context of Real Time Security Intelligence (RTSI). 

Real Time Security Intelligence is one of the red hot topics in Information Security these days. There are a growing number of solutions that allow analysis of security-related incidents in real time, but can also detect anomalies in what is happening in the network. 

Strong innovation in the field of IAM (Identity and Access Management) and IAG (Identity and Access Governance) can also be observed, moving from preventive-mode to detective-mode incorporating responsive solutions as well as moving from scheduled recertifications to real-time analysis of user behavior. While some of the new offerings focus particularly on high-risk users such as privileged users, others have a broader scope covering all types of users.

“What we are facing is the next generation of IAM solutions. While the first generation has seen meta directory services and identity provisioning, focusing on the preventive aspect, the second generation has been about detection – but far from real time, only occasionally, months after something might have gone wrong” explains Martin Kuppinger. 

For him Access Intelligence solutions, which have been available for two or three years now, were the initial step into this new generation of IAM. “Today with anomaly detection, user activity monitoring, and user behavior analytics, we are entering the next level of IAM. Combining this with other areas of risk-based, adaptive access, you can move your IAM to the next level” says Kuppinger. 

Integrating these approaches with adaptive authentication and authorization, real time security intelligence, or even Software Defined Computing Infrastructures (SDCI, also commonly referred to as Software Defined Environments, SDE) according to Martin Kuppinger opens the door for achieving a significantly higher level in information security and risk mitigation. This is where companies can move from prevention and detection to rapid responsiveness, which is a must these days.

More Information about the Future of IAM and IAG as well as Information Security, Big Data Security, Digital Transformation and much more can be found in the research area of the KuppingerCole Website. 

The European Identity and Cloud Conference, KuppingerCole’s European lead conference on Information Security, Cloud Security, and Identity Management and Governance, that is taking place in Munich will run until Friday, May 8th. There is still time to register for the remaining day online at www.id-conf.com or on-site in Munich. Press, journalists and bloggers can register directly and for free.

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European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015


European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015

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