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Press Release: Article on „ Identity Management for the cloud – taking the next step” from Martin Kuppinger available

Duesseldorf March, 31st, 2010 - Martin Kuppinger, co-founder and Principal Analyst at Kuppinger Cole, has written an article on the topic of „Identity Management for the Cloud“ in which he explores the reasons why companies and organizations must ask themselves if their Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems are capable of handling not just external users, but external ones as well: suppliers, partners and above all customers. Such comprehensive systems will increasingly become necessary as parts of corporate IT, especially services and data, become cloud-born. Here, security issues such as access governance and IT risk and compliance will dictate coming trends. In his article, Mr. Kuppinger gives an overview and suggests solution strategies that will enable companies and organizations to face the future of distributed IT with confidence.

The article runs to approximately 1,125 words and can be made available to you on request. Please contact me so that I can send you the manuscript.

Our analysts regularly write comments and articles on various topics concerning identity & access management (IAM), governance, risk and compliance (GRC) and cloud computing. Should you be interested in further information about publishing opportunities, please feel free to get in touch with me.

Kuppinger Cole is the host of EIC 2010, the European Identity Conference, as well as CLOUD 2010, both due to be held from May 4 to 7 in Munich. With more than 100 speakers and an extensive exhibition, this event, which is being held for the fourth time, has established itself as a major source of thought leadership and best practice examples as well as the leading conference on identity management, GRC and cloud computing in Europe. I would be happy to discuss the possibility of a media partnership for this event with you. You can reach me at my extension +49 (0)211-237077-23 or by email under bb@kuppingercole.com

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