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Eliminating passwords? We’re NEARly there!

I subscribe to a clipping service which delivers pointers to web documents to my inbox for items I’m interested in (described by keywords). Just last week, it pulled in a document about “The Changing role of the Access Control credential.” Well, access control is one of my favorite topics, so I jumped right in to it. Only later did I discover that the article in question had actually been published almost a year ago. (The clipping service is always adding new sources, and scans all of the available documents on the new source so – from time to time – I did get somewhat outdated links)...


May 13 - 16, 2014: European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014 is the place where identity management, cloud and information security thought leaders and experts get together to discuss and shape the Future of secure, privacy-aware agile, business- and innovation driven IT.

Press Release

Analyst Company KuppingerCole has released a new Report on Secure your Cloud against Industrial Espionage

Wiesbaden, August 23, 2013 – KuppingerCole offers advice on protecting your Cloud from industrial espionage with practical advice regarding managing technical risk within a Cloud environment.

The analyst group KuppingerCole has published the advisory note “Secure your Cloud against Industrial Espionage”. 


Sep 24, 2013: The Business Side of the API Economy: Enabling the Agile, Connected Enterprise

Today’s businesses have to be far more agile than ever before. Competing on global scale, economic turmoil, rapid innovation and other factors put pressure on organizations. One of the results is that businesses have to be better connected with other businesses and customers than ever before. They have to be faster in their own business processes and the processes that connect them with others. They have to make more out of information, by combining information from various sources, including openly available data. Smart information that is based on combining information from various...

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: Secure your Cloud against Industrial Espionage - 70997

Securing your business against industrial espionage is about knowing your competitors and stopping your IP getting into their hands. In a Cloud environment you need to be considering all of the risks around Cloud provision, conflicts of interest, legal environments in remote locations, and of course having a third party processing and controlling your most sensitive information. A vital consideration that needs to be made before committing to a Cloud solution is whether it needs to be done. Consider your requirements, do you need to take everything offsite, should you? Use a...

Executive View

Executive View: MYDIGIPASS.COM - 70860

One of the most important consequences of the ongoing trend of IT consumerization driven by growing adoption of mobile and cloud computing has been the exponential growth of the number of identities businesses and consumers have to deal with. Unfortunately, as the number of ways for individuals and businesses to interact over the Internet is growing, controlling and securing these information flows becomes much more complicated. With all the recent news about malware attacks, industrial espionage, corporate security breaches, and massive leaks of personal information, it is obvious that...

Press Release

Analyst Company KuppingerCole has released a new Report - Managing Risks to Critical Infrastructure

Wiesbaden, August 16, 2013 – KuppingerCole offers advice on managing risks to your critical infrastructure with a comparison of critical national infrastructure and the effects of technical threats.

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: Managing Risks to Critical Infrastructure - 70819

Threats to critical National technical infrastructure such as Finance, Energy, Telecommunications and Government are a result of human nature, although difficult to treat in the abstract, technical controls can be applied to prevent, detect and resist attempts to subvert...

Executive View

Executive View: PingFederate 7 - 70801

Ping Identity is a specialized vendor focusing on Identity Federation and related use cases. Ping calls this “Identity Bridges”. Their portfolio consists of two offerings: PingFederate is their enterprise solution for standards-based federated identity management; while PingOne provides cloud-based single sign-on to public and private cloud applications; and cloud-based SSO enabling for service provider applications. PingFederate and PingOne services can be used standalone, but are complementary. Ping currently adds further capabilities such as APIs for simpler consumption of...


Nov 27 - 28, 2013: Information Risk & Security Summit 2013

The Information Risk & Security Summit Frankfurt 2013, taking place on November 27 – 28, 2013 at the Frankfurter Innovationszentrum FIZ Conference Lab, Frankfurt/Germany, offers an unseen combination of thought leadership and interactive session formats, tackling the most demanding questions IT professionals are confronted with: How to support the extended & connected enterprise with brilliant services without taking too many too big risks.


Take strong authentication into your own hands

It was just a couple of months ago that trend-watcher The Next Web announced that Google Chrome had overtaken Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as the Web’s most used browser, a position that IE had held since, well, way back in the last century. So it’s unfortunate that just last week it was revealed (yet again) that Chrome is not very protective of stored passwords. According to a story in the UK’s Telegraph newspaper, a security flaw in Google's Chrome browser allows anyone with access to a user's computer to see all of their stored passwords directly from the settings panel. Software...


Information Rights Management: Microsoft gives it a new push – just in time to succeed

Information Rights Management is the discipline within Information Security and IAM (Identity and Access Management) that allows protecting information right at the source: The single file. Files are encrypted and permissions for using the files are directly applied to the encrypted and packaged file. This allows protection of documents across their entire lifecycle: At rest, in motion, and in use. Other Information Security technologies might only protect files at rest. Classical file server security can enforce access rights. However, once a user has access, he can do with that file...


BMC: Reaching the next level - moving from IT to Business Service Management

Some days ago I had a briefing with BMC Software on their new MyIT offering. MyIT is a self-service approach that enables end users to request services. It focuses on the user experience and tries to close the gap between the IT-centric view of services and the view business users have. This aligns well with two areas of KuppingerCole research: One is the Future IT Paradigm by KuppingerCole, our definition of how we expect and recommend that IT organizations change in order to be able to deal with the changes in IT itself – the change from on-premise IT to hybrid models and an increasing...


Microsoft Surface RT: My experience

I’m aware that this is a somewhat tangential post, as there is no relationship to our KuppingerCole topic of Mobile Security, but clearly it fits into the theme of the Computing Troika, i.e. the changes in Business and IT due to the impact of Cloud, Mobile, and Social Computing. However, the main purpose is to share some of my experiences with the Microsoft Surface RT I’ve been using for quite a while now. I just upgraded to the Windows 8.1 Preview, which is a significant step forward for a simple reason: It includes Microsoft Outlook and I do not need to rely on either the Outlook Web App...


What happened recently in Security?

When looking at the recent security news, there is one predominant theme: The NSA surveillance disclosure by Edward Snowden. There is some more news, but little “breaking news”. We might count the news about the SIM card flaw, however this seems to be less severe in reality than it was reported at first. I will not comment much on the NSA issue. Both Dave Kearns and me here and here have touched on this topic. There are a lot of political discussions going on, with some accusing others of not telling the (whole) truth about what they knew. Interestingly, here in Germany the opposition is...

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