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Definitely for attribution

We had a lively webinar last week on “The Future of Authentication and Authorization”. If you missed, you can watch the replay. Essentially, what I was talking about was context aware Risk Based Access Control (RiskBAC). The  day after the webinar, I got involved in a very lively Twitter chat with a handful of the Identirati/Identorati (some spell it one way, some the other, but it’s the collective term for those in the  Identity business in one way or another) about attributes, Attribute Providers (APs), Identity Providers (IdPs) and Relying Parties (RPs). So how are these related?...

Executive View

Executive View: F5 Mobile App Manager - 70802

There are various approaches to tackle the BYOD challenge, from MDM (Mobile Device Management) to specialized, secure apps - for instance for email - virtualization approaches on mobile devices, and network security. However, despite the vendor promises there is no single solution that addresses all the challenges of Mobile Security Management. F5, a leading provider of what they call “Application Delivery Networking”, builds on a combined approach. The product named F5 Mobile App Manager (MAM) is a Cloud-based offering for mobile application and access management. F5 MAM...


The Future of Authentication and Authorization

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Access Intelligence: Evolution or Revolution?

Access Intelligence, sometimes also called Identity and Access Intelligence (IAI), is one of the hype topics in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) market. Some vendors try to position this as an entirely new market segment, while others understand this as part of Access Governance (or Identity and Access Governance, IAG). The first question is what defines IAI. From my perspective there are two major capabilities required to call a feature IAI: It must use advanced analytical techniques that allow for a flexible combination and analysis of complex, large sets of data. It must...

Executive View

Executive View: Joyent Cloud Services – Security and Assurance - 70636

Joyent offers a range of cloud services that are built on technology that Joyent has engineered rather than on generic virtualization technology. This is claimed to provide greater flexibility, resilience, and performance for cloud customers and their applications. This executive view provides an overview of these services focused on their security and assurance aspects.

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: Rating Methodology for Products and Vendors - 70555

KuppingerCole as an analyst company regularly does evaluations of products and vendors. The results are, amongst other types of publications and services, published in the KuppingerCole Product Reports and KuppingerCole Vendor Reports...


GEICO prepares to take IAM to new levels

GEICO the third-largest private passenger auto insurer, serving more that 12 million private passenger customers, have selected the Open Identity Stack from ForgeRock to help them take IAM to the next level. The ForgeRock Open Identity Stack is a 100 percent open source identity stack to secure applications and services across clouds, SaaS, mobile, and enterprise systems. GEICO intends to use the stack to support the building of an online customer portal while providing a secure and modern experience for their customers. So what is the important thing to notice in this? Well firstly the...


How to mitigate risks of industrial espionage in Cloud Computing

Last week I did a webinar concerning the recent news about secret/intelligence services such as the NSA and their activities, e.g. PRISM and others. This is not really news, but the broad and intense public discussion about this is new. In that context, many organizations have raised the question of whether they can still rely on Cloud Computing or whether they would be better off stopping their Cloud initiatives. Businesses raise this question especially as regards the risk of industrial espionage in cloud space – something that is not proven, but appears to be a risk from the perspective...


Passwords: Identity’s last mile

At last week’s fourth annual Cloud Identity Summit (founded and curated by Ping Identity) people were still buzzing about the hornets’ nest we had stirred up a year earlier at the third summit when we baldly proclaimed “SAML is dead”. SAML, the Security Assertion Markup Language, is part and parcel of the Ping Identity federation products. For the last twelve months I’ve been inundated with examples (many from Ping employees) of how SAML is still being implemented today. Of course, as I noted at the time, the presentation was called “The Future of Authentication” and the context of the...


Fusion Engines

One of my favorite movies released in 2012 was Cloud Atlas. This is not necessarily an easy movie to watch or explain. That is not the point I bring it up. In one of the films many timelines, there is a post-apocalyptic setting where civilization is very primitive. In this primitive civilization, the two main groups are an islands main inhabitants—goat herders—and “Prescients” that are very advanced and seemingly from a different planet. Twice a year the goat herders and the prescients meet to barter and exchange information. The goat herders are extremely curious about the prescients...

Executive View

Executive View: CloudSigma – Security and Assurance - 70637

CloudSigma is a pure IaaS provider and the CloudSigma platform is built on the Linux KVM hypervisor. The CloudSigma platform provides a number of interesting features including persistent storage for each VM, disk encryption by default, and automatic redundancy and failover. This executive view provides an overview of the CloudSigma platform focused on its security and assurance aspects...


PRISM: Wie schütze ich mein Unternehmen wirksam vor Wirtschaftsspionage?

KuppingerCole Webinar recording

Executive View

Executive View: McAfee One Time Password - 70748

In April 2013 McAfee announced the addition of several products addressing Identity and Access Management to its Security Connected portfolio. The products that were previously developed and sold by Intel include McAfee Cloud Single Sign On and McAfee One Time Password. In addition to the products McAfee also introduced the new McAfee Identity Centre of Expertise, which is staffed with experts in identity and cloud security. That service will assist users with support pertaining to identity and access management issues, such as architecture requirements and best practices...


RSA acquires Aveksa: Will they redefine the IAM/IAG market?

Today RSA Security, a part of EMC [officially it’s “RSA, The Security Division of EMC”], has officially announced the acquisition of Aveksa, a company based in Waltham, MA. The deal closed on July 1st, 2013. Aveksa is a leading provider in the area of Identity and Access Governance (IAG), as depicted in our KuppingerCole Leadership Compass on Access Governance. Aveksa will continue to operate under the current leadership of its CEO Vick Viren Vaishnavi and will be part of the RSA Identity Trust Management business. Aveksa currently has approximately 175 employees. One might ask why RSA did...


Sep 26, 2013: Authorization as a Calculated Risk

Access to corporate information often is based on binary, either/or propositions, without the context of an access request being taken into account. The level of assurance that the requesting person is who she claims to be is not determined, missing the opportunity of establishing a metric for the level of security of the connection. In the first part of this webinar, KuppingerCole Senior Analyst Dave Kearns, along with guests from Nok-Nok Labs and Certivox, will show you how going beyond passwords to a risk- and context-based authentication and authorization would help you to reach the...


Cloud Assurance & Cloud Risk Awareness in the Light of PRISM

KuppingerCole Webinar recording

Executive View

Executive View: Salesforce Platform as a Service – Security and Assurance - 70751 is best known as the provider of a cloud based CRM system.  Salesforce also provides a platform which can be used to develop and deploy cloud based applications.  This executive view provides an overview of this platform focused on the security and assurance aspects...


Do you need an Identity Officer?

I recently saw a query from a major international consumer goods company headquartered in Europe asking “…we have a Privacy Officer, but we are also looking into the possibility for an Identity Officer, someone who is knowledgeable about SSO, identity and so forth. Unfortunately we are fairly new to the entire identity sphere.” It was an interesting question, so I started a dialog with my colleagues at KuppingerCole to see if we could come to some agreement about the need for such a position. Martin Kuppinger voiced the thought many of us had when he said “Yet another ‘Chief whatever...

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